2013-12-05 Cookie Class

We Gathered.

2013-12-05 Cookie Class6

We huddled, prepared, and watched.

2013-12-05 Cookie Class1

All hands in!

These hands made Lovella’s Nanaimo Bars, Marg’s Tee Gebaeck-Linzer Cookies, Anneliese’s Peppermint Cookies, Judy’s Peppernuts/Pfeffernuesse, Julie’s Chocolate Chocolate Gluten Free Cookies, Bev’s Honey Cookies. We also served appetizers (Red Pepper Jelly tarts, Judy’s Christmas Tree cheese board, Lepp’s prepared platters of  cured meats, and Marg’s Apple Spiced Cider that was posted on the blog yesterday)

2013-12-05 Cookie Class4

Each baker had her time in the spotlight!

2013-12-05 Cookie Class2

Work continued out of the spotlight.

2013-12-05 Cookie Class3

Judy had her own personal sous chef.

2013-12-05 Cookie Class7

Even though I didn’t bake any of the cookies I got to stir!

2013-12-05 Cookie Class8

I watched and smiled because for a change I brought along my own personal photographer. Note to sassy looking self standing behind Lovella: When you are behind the scenes and someone is taking photos you should always remember your weird expressions will get caught on film.

2013-12-05 Cookie Class5

Favorite moment of the night…laughing about Anneliese’s good old pans!

2013-12-05 Cookie Class10

When everything was said and done each guest at the cooking class got to take home one of these beautiful baskets of cookies the the girls had prepared ahead of time! All profits from last nights cooking class will be going to Matthew’s House in Abbotsford a non-profit help to families of children with disabilities.

Lovella took this next photo of Katie, my personal photographer for the evening. It was wonderful to have a traveling companion for the 200 mile round trip to the cooking class.


I managed to get one photo of my personal photographer before the class when we stopped for tea at Clayburn Village Candy shop where we had a lovely meal and we shared sticky toffee pudding for sweets before the sweets!



Dear and I are headed North again today. I’ll share more tomorrow on our adventure. I’m real happy someone else will be doing the driving the next couple of days.

Hope you all are enjoying some sweet moments in the bustle of this joyful time of year! Blessings…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “Cookies!

  1. Thank you for showing all the fun! I made a MGCC recipe today. Now I’ll have to look for some of these cookie recipes. Love gals who stop for treats before the treats! Hey, life’s short! I also appreciate how carefully the ladies packaged the cookies because I like flavors to remain true.

  2. I’ll bet your photographer enjoyed the night too – it’s fun to be behind the scenes. The evening looks like it was a great one – and for a good cause!

  3. Sure glad you and Katie could make it to the class . . . Ellen you are the best kitchen help and Katie, we appreciate your great photography! Thank you for sharing.

  4. It looks like so much fun. Katie did a great job with the photos. She captured the joy of women cooking together. Looks like a great place to stop for tea. laurie

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