He’s Sixty!

Did you all know that I married a younger man? Finally he is in the same decade as me!


A very happy birthday to my Dear. God was good to me when he brought the 2 of us together. We are going downtown tonight to celebrate with our kids. I think that we’ll be celebrating a few more times in jolly old England where Dear and I spent time together in our dating and engagement years!

Twenty things I love about my Dear.

1. He’s a wise man.

2. He’s a faithful man.

3. He’s a handy man.

4. He reads the manuals before he puts things together. ( I don’t)

5. He likes to cook.

6. He’s a good cook.

7. He is loyal.

8. He is smart.

9. He is a good employee.

10. He works hard.

11. He is a servant.

12. He likes to read and he reads a lot.

13. He is a gifted teacher.

14. He has a dry sense of humor.

15. He makes me laugh.

16. He is a good listener.

17. He researches things he is interested in.

18. He has a good reputation.

19. He is a follower of Jesus.

20. He loves me.

Happy Birthday Dear. May God give us many more years to celebrate together!

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “He’s Sixty!

  1. Rejoicing over the “good one” He blessed you with….happy birthday to your hubby and may this be a year of new joys and new revelations in his relationship with our Father. PARTAY!!!!

  2. Sending best wishes straight down the coast, to your Dear. May the new decade be full of rich and satisfying experiences, all in the love of his family.

  3. Ellen, those 20 things are just so wonderful and even though I’ve only met Greg about a dozen times I can say with my heart that what you say is true. We both enjoy his company and respect the man that he is! Happy Birthday Greg!

  4. You can add one more thing to your list – he makes good choices – one of them was his good wife. Happy Birthday Greg – welcome to the 60’s! Enjoy your dinner tonight and your celebratory trip!

  5. So funny, before I knew you and read your blog.. talking about your Dear … it sounded funny . . . just like me talking about my H, I suppose. But having met him now, I know he truly is your dear husband and friend… the good things you mention about him do not surprise me one bit. Happy Birthday to your Dear.

  6. Happy Birthday to your Greg! Roger hits the same decade in Feb but I have almost 4 years to go (he robbed the cradle 🙂

    Now . . . are you going to do another “60 things” for Dear’s bday?

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