The Bride & Groom…

I was considering calling this post the Long & Short of it or the Tall and Short of it…

IMGP0746I had more glimpses of Caleb before the wedding than Marie. She was being kept as hidden as possible so Caleb would see her for the first time as she walked down the aisle. This is Caleb with his brothers, Timothy, Levi, and Joseph.


Caleb and Levi.

Caleb & Marie3Caleb is a bow tie kind of guy. My pop (Caleb’s grandfather) wore a bow tie in his wedding photos. I found this photo of my pop (Caleb’s dzeda) sporting his bow tie in a photo with his brother in law (my uncle Paul).

TV +oldies 004

IMGP0832I loved this tender moment when Caleb reached over to move away a wisp of hair from Marie’s eyes.

IMGP0838Caleb lifted Marie up to give her the “kiss”.







IMGP0918Caleb and Marie stood at the beginning of the buffet line to hand out plates to their guests. What a great gesture of appreciation of their guests.

It was a fun time of celebrating Caleb and Marie and being able to see how much their family and friends appreciate them as a couple. There were 20 attendants in the ceremony. What’s the most attendants you’ve seen at a wedding?

13 thoughts on “The Bride & Groom…

  1. Love the idea of the bride and groom handing out the plates! The wedding looked lovely. Whew, 20 is a lot. I think 10, 5 girls and 5 guys, is the most I’ve seen.

  2. Oh, so beautiful! Great pictures that portray the kind of a couple they are! I can’t believe bow ties may be coming back in? That is what my H wore on our wedding.

  3. Dear Ellen, I have been reading your last few posts. I was so happy to see your sweet mom, with your dear dad watching the wedding.
    And what a wedding it was! Everyone looks wonderful. May they be blessed with a long happy marriage like your parents have had. What an inspiration.
    May the Lord hold you close during this difficult time, I know He knows you well!

  4. Oh how lovely and what a joy for your family!!! So nice that you could be there to celebrate this event. They look like a wonderful couple. Many blessings to them. 20 attendants are a lot but what fun they must have had – looks like the girls all wore their own style of dress too – so practical!

  5. That looks to have been so much fun!
    I’ve never seen that many attendants at a wedding. I guess the most I’ve seen is 10.

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