I will dedicate a full post of our floor projects when they are completely done but here is a small preview of some differences already.

bare floors1

2013-07-17 Floor installThe hard floors are 90% complete with just the stairs and a landing to be installed. We had a few glitches but that’s normal for major projects. The trim and baseboards still need to be replaced. On August 1st our new carpeting will be installed and hopefully we can breathe a big sigh of relief come August 4th after we move everything back into it’s proper place.

floor 90% 004

We are very pleased with the character of Hickory. I have to admit that this project has really taken a lot out of me and it’s not done yet. I’m looking forward to recovering in August.

What’s happening in your hood?

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11 thoughts on “Preview…

  1. Having your house all torn up DOES take a lot out of you!! I completely understand!!! And when it’s the floors…that’s even worse!!! I’m glad it’s all coming to an end for you soon so that you can start enjoying the fruits of your labor!

    Don’t work too hard this weekend!

  2. Oh Ellen – it’s going to be so beautiful!! Hang in there.
    It’s super duper hot and sultry over here and we’re just trying to keep cool and carry-on.
    Thanks for giving us a peek as you document the progress of your renovations.

  3. Looking good! Hang in there because August 4 is not so far away! Thanks for giving us this peek because I’ve been very curious. Here? Nothing going on here.

  4. It’s looking very promising already! I know you will be very pleased come August and you can relax and enjoy the results of all the hard work and revive your energy levels.

  5. Progress always seems slow in home renos…but so worth it in the end! We just did a very small project and it seemed the entire house was in disorder. The hickory floors do have lots of character. I recently saw another blog post with pictures and it looked good. I have never seen hickory floors in person. We will look forward to seeing pictures after Aug 4th.
    A friend and I are going to South Dakota at beginning of August for a Beth Moore event so I’m looking forward to that.

  6. I’m just enjoying watching you do your reno’s. You will be so happy to have the comforts of your own home again and it will all feel so fresh and new. I’m just putzing around today, recuperating after taking the boys camping for three days.

  7. Ellen, this kind of project is like giving birth – horrible while it’s going on, but the joy after it’s done makes you forget the horrors. Hang in there. It will be worth it. laurie

  8. Living with construction is hard….we have done it three times! I know it will be worth the work and stress. The father and daughter photos are sweet and the tea party sounds like fun. Oh, and BTW, can I go to England with you??? ha! ha! Sounds wonderful!

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