I’m Melting…

…but my plants are thriving.

IMGP0567 IMGP0568 IMGP0569 IMGP0570 IMGP0571We are all about the weather…aren’t we? Today was way over my comfort zone for sure. 90 degrees in the Puget Sound area of Washington is scorching. In the meantime when I get the energy I’ll show photos that we finally put our patio covers up. I think this is a record late start for us but here’s what’s been taking up our weekend warrior hours instead…

IMGP0601 IMGP0602 IMGP0603

Dear has all the vinyl and most all the particle board removed from our kitchen area in preparation for our new hardwood floors. We had to move the island around on that dolly so he could remove the boards from underneath it. Lots of hard work in these hot temperatures. We’ll be happy to have our normal temperatures back around here.

Did you have any weekend warrior projects or did you enjoy a relaxing weekend? For our neighbors to the North you still have a holiday for your Monday. Happy Canada Day to you!

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “I’m Melting…

  1. Oh, my goodness…I had no idea you had to remove everything underneath to have hardwoods installed! What a pain!!! It will be worth it, though, once you have your beautiful new floors!

    I haven’t had any weekend warrior projects in awhile. I guess I’ll have to get back to that eventually. I’d really like to scrape and repaint our yard furniture, but the weather here is almost always WAY too hot to do that at this point of the summer. 90 is a COOL day around here! πŸ™‚

    I hope you’re able to find some climate relief soon! Hang in there!

  2. Your plants are just about a week ahead of mine Ellen. My hydrangeas buds are just forming. Boy, that is hot! I’d be looking for a beach!! Hope you have a fan or two to help cool the place down while you’re working. It’s going to look great when it’s all done!

  3. It’s been hot here too, pushing 80’s and 90’s. Saturday we enjoyed a nice bike ride before it got too hot and then caught up on chores so that we could have Sunday for a trip to Waterton and Monday for some Canada Day celebrations. Your plants are gorgeous.

  4. All this being done without a/c?
    I am wincing picturing our electric bill, but at least I am able to stay more cool at a 78 degree setting. Heading to CT on Wednesday, where it is only 85 but no a/c in the house. I think I can remember how to live without a/c for five days.

  5. You poor people! Why does it always happen that the weather does not cooperate when we most need it to? Stay cool as you can.

  6. For the first time, I have buds on all my hydrangeas! With this hot weather (34 on the Island today!) they will be blooming in no time at all.
    Your kitchen project looks great – you must be anxious to see those floors!

  7. Beautiful flowers and soon to be beautiful floors!! You are going to love your new hardwood floors. I have never regretted putting hardwood in our kitchen – love the warmth and feel of them! Stay cool …..

  8. We’ve had some 90+ degree days here, also, but I love that they come with little or no humidity! That makes a big difference! I miss hydrangeas –no one grows them here as the deer will eat them. Your hardwood floors will be beautiful! I love mine, and my Swiffer that helps keep them clean πŸ˜‰

    Sorry i have missed so many of your posts–i watching the baby consumes my day.and then I am tired in the evening. I do love it though. I enjoyed looking at the rest of the gardens you visited and reading the hymn about seeing a friend again in heaven–that was a lovely photo you posted as an illustration.

  9. Ellen, your kitchen is huge! That’s a lot of vinyl to remove, but it will be gorgeous with the wood floors. I can’t wait to see it. Your Hydrangeas are beautiful (one of my favorite flowers). laurie

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