At the Villages

During our short time in Winnipeg and Steinbach we had book signings in 3 different Ten Thousand Villages. Each one of the stores served food that the staff prepared from our cookbook. If you aren’t familiar with Ten Thousand Villages here is a short description of who they are.


A Fair Trade Retailer We create opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn income by bringing their products and stories to our markets through long-term, fair trading relationships.


You might want to have something to eat before you scroll through this post. Just thought I’d give you fair warning..






At two of the stores we ended up right next to the jewelery. I ended up coming home with 4 pieces of jewelery. That was good marketing for sure.


Have you shopped in a Ten Thousand Villages store? This was the store in Steinbach. Our last 2 signings of our days in Manitoba were at 2 different Ten Thousand Villages in Winnipeg.


This time we were right across from the jewelery instead of sitting in front of the jewelery. At this store we met many people who had connections to some of our own girls. This was TTV Henderson.


Judy was able to meet up with family for breakfast who dropped her off for our signing.


This little guy was my favorite fan for sure. He was so interested in getting one of our books and being able to enjoy some of the recipes. He never left our table even when his sister next to him found toys to play with in the store. He was more interested in making sure he got a book from us.IMGP0327-001

He watched each of us intently to make sure we signed the book just right. It was so much fun to talk to him.

Our next signing would be at the larger Ten Thousand Villages in Winnipeg but before we headed there we were invited to lunch at Margaret’s home who is Charlotte’s cousin. She was working at the store the whole time we were signing and left just minutes before we did but still had a wonderful table and food ready for us at her home nearby.




We had a wonderful time at Margaret’s table, thank you so much! This was the first time that I had Obst Moos (a cold fruit soup) and it was delicious. Margaret said she followed Charlotte’s recipe in our first cookbook. From here we went to our last signing in Winnipeg (TTV Plaza Dr.) where more dishes from our cookbook were served.



Genevieve made my Dear’s Tomato Rice Soup and it was delicious. I wish I would have thought to take a photo of sweet Genevieve next to the soup. By this time my head was spinning from all the fun! I still have a couple more adventures to document from the Mennonite Girls trip to Manitoba.

In the meantime my Dear is back from France and we spent a nice Father’s Day at church and brunch and then enjoying some relaxation as each of our kids called to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. We’ll celebrate next weekend with our kids who are near. On Saturday to help the hours go by before Dear came home my sister Lana and I went on a Secret Garden Tour in a neighboring city. We had a great time and I’ll be sharing about that soon, too. Hope you had a nice weekend. Spring is coming to an end. What are your plans for the last week of Spring?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “At the Villages

  1. I am enjoying your posts on your time in Winnipeg. Although I met you at McNally I actually live very near TTV Henderson. We were away camping on that weekend so couldn’t be at Henderson. My dear husband didn’t mind driving the extra distance on Thursday, and you all brought an extra smile to his face. Maybe there will be a third book and you all can come back again!

  2. My, you girls were busy! We celebrated our 40th anniversary this weekend and I’ll be getting ready for our beach trip this week….headed out Sat!!

  3. Nice “book report” Ellen. You gals are just the greatest!!! We are spending this last week of Spring in your time zone and just celebrated our 40th anniversary as well as Miss Debbie – how about that! Having a fantastic time…. So glad your Dear is home and that you were able to celebrate Father’s Day together.

  4. You have had such a whirlwind spring! God has blessed you! So will summer be relaxing and stay at home or more jaunts for you?
    We will go fishing on the Green again to wrap up spring. Summer…nothing planned as of yet.

    • Jill, our next fly away is in August for my nephew’s wedding in Santa Barbara. In the meantime we are tearing our old floors out and getting ready for all new floors…oye! Never a dull moment around this old house…

  5. Enjoyed re-living some of the moments of our time together in Winnipeg. I really enjoyed tasting the soup recipe of Greg’s. Glad he arrived home safely and you could have a restful Sunday together. Looking forward to the garden tour.

  6. Good documentation of our time in Manitoba! Loved that little guy who was so interested in getting us each to sign his book. So glad you had you Dear home for Father’s Day.

    • I think the best thing about these signings is that so many of the group could be together. I see I missed a lot of good times shared. Love the photos of all the food! So great to see it being prepared by others.

  7. I think you are having way too much fun with your book, but that’s a good thing!!! I hope your hands didn’t cramp from all the signings :-). That little guy was to cute!!!
    Last week of Spring? Painting, painting, and more painting. I’m working on a project…yippee!!

    xoxo, cori g.

  8. No wonder your head was spinning – it’s been a roller coaster ride for all you MGs!

    I always buy Christmas gifts at the 10,000 Villages sale. We don’t have a store here on the island but they put on shows every fall. That’s where I bought your first cookbook and I’m hoping to buy my Celebration copy there this fall too.

  9. Thanks for those food pictures Ellen! I wish we had more time to enjoy all those samples when we didn’t have time. I have time now! I love the photo of Judy and her relatives. You captured how they look similar perfectly.

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