A Prairie Favorite…

…McNally Robinson Bookstore!


I was so impressed with this store and all they have to offer.


The store had our spot all ready for us and the staff was ready to take care of anything we needed during our 2 hour signing.IMGP0163


This was our first signing in Winnipeg and we were so happy to meet so many wonderful people. It was fun to be seated by the Canadian Biography section of the bookstore.



What fun to meet the Wreathmaker, Millie and her husband. I’ve visited Millie’s blog so it was great to meet her in person.


This is the young man, John Toews, who took such good care of us while we signed books at the store!


We had a little competition with the evening book talk on 300 Years of Beer. I got a kick out of our book sharing the feature case with the Beer book.


The big thrill of the evening is when we realized that Prairie Ink Restaurant located in the bookstore was serving 3 dishes from our cookbook for the evening that we were there! Lovella’s Maple Glazed Salmon and Prawns, Charlotte’s Vegetarian Black Bean Taco Salad, and Kathy’s Chicken sliders with Pineapple Salsa!


They gave us a taste of the pineapple salsa. Delicious!


They served Charlotte’s Vegetarian Black Bean Taco Salad in a tortilla bowl.


When we were done with our signings we sat down in the restaurant to have dinner. I ordered Kathy’s Chicken Sliders with Pineapple Salsa.


Oh my I was so excited I took a bite before I took a photo but Kathy was right next to me and she was staging her slider so nicely I took a photo of her’s!


A huge thank you to McNally Robinson and Prairie Ink Restaurant for giving a special welcome to our book and our recipes!

My Dear is coming home on Saturday and I’m excited. We are postponing Father’s Day celebrations to let him recuperate from his international travel. What are your plans for the weekend and Father’s Day?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “A Prairie Favorite…

  1. I’m glad you have McNally Robinson to host your signing, Congrats! Looks like a wonderful book event. They used to have a branch in our city, but couldn’t make it. Glad they are still vibrant in Winnepeg. Do you know, they opened the McNally Jackson in NYC?

  2. I have no plans, which I had really better change. =D Glad that your husband is on his way home.

    Oh I went to see Millie’s blog and just ooohed and ahhhed for a bit…beautiful photos so crisp and clear. I kept looking for her post on visiting you gals, but didn’t find it. Perhaps she’s not yet done one. I’ll have to keep checking.

    Have a great weekend and thank you for sharing these terrific photos…Lovella’s sweet smile as she interacts with people is precious to see.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your post, Ellen! Fun, fun, fun — the maple glazed salmon and prawns sound absolutely yummy!

    We are delaying our Father’s Day celebration too due to work. But we will be taking a boat ride on the Potomac River – our Father’s Day tradition since we moved here.

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