Fancy Egg Scramble…


Fancy eggs with no fuss the morning of. This was a go to recipe years ago and I decided to revive it and make it for a Sunday meal. It worked out great for inviting someone from church for brunch. We go to the 9:00 a.m. service. By the time our company found our home the egg dish was in the oven and half way done. Before church I washed the fruit and mixed it together. The other way I simplified the meal was to have muffins that were purchased. We were able to sit down and enjoy a meal and conversation with no fussing over the meal.

Click over to Mennonite Girls Can Cook to get the recipe!


We had this meal on Memorial Day weekend so it was also fun to set the table ahead of time and enjoy it all weekend.

This is a traveling week for me. Dear has been away since last Thursday and he arrives home tomorrow. I’m very excited to be reunited with him before I leave for Canada to fly to Winnipeg with the “girls” for some book signing events. I’ve never been to that part of Canada and I’m looking forward to seeing where our Betty and Charlotte live.

Hope you all have a good first full week of June!

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13 thoughts on “Fancy Egg Scramble…

  1. Looking forward to catching up with you again…travelling sisters. That scrambled egg version looks delicious.

  2. …. and so looking forward to meeting with you. Already the proud owner of “Celebrations” – from a dera dear friend!

  3. That’s a very pretty tablescape and one that you can use again soon! Flag Day…4th of July… People who invite guests for after church on the “spur of the moment” impress me.

    How fun to be going to Winnipeg. I’m so glad that you’ll be taking photos along with all the gals because I’m curious about Winnipeg, too. Had a great-great aunt who lived there 70 years ago whose husband worked in the government offices so I have some vintage photos of the area.

  4. Simple, easy, delish…my kind of meal! Proud of you for inviting friends over. We use to do that often, but have gotten out of the habit. Need to start again…thanks for inspiring me!

  5. It looks good…your scrambled egg casserole. I wouldn’t mind having that for dinner…since I haven’t come up with any other bright ideas just yet. See ya soon. 🙂

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