We are taking time to remember the fallen and to also remember our Veterans and those serving our country right now. This is a photo of Dear’s father who served during WWII. This is Rex and Verna’s wedding photo. Dear’s father passed away in 1985. Dear’s mother passed away in 1997. Verna’s father and brothers served in WWII also.

I’m going to start with today and then backtrack to yesterday to share our weekend events so far. Today after church we had a couple over who have a son serving in Afghanistan right now in the Army. We talked about his service now in Afghanistan and his past service in Iraq.

We had this dish I used to make years ago and was happy to revive. I’ll be posting it on MGCC in the near future.

Our lives with this couple have intersected in different ways over the years. The wife we knew first years ago. Her new husband we just met a few months ago. He and his first wife were our daughter’s camp leaders for a special training of young leaders in the late 90’s. His wife died and over the course of time our friend from years ago ended up marrying this man. Are you tracking here? Anyway it has been nice to catch up with them as a new couple and enjoy talking about the intersection of our lives.

Both of our “boys” have been in Afghanistan and we pray for the safety of the one there now and for our son in laws future deployment.

Too bad I didn’t have an army flag to add to our centerpiece.

On Saturday we got lots done around this old house. We cleared out and organized in our basement which included shredding a lot of old papers we do not need to save anymore. Dear cleaned out and rearranged a few vehicles in his shop and he’s happy with the results so far. We planted 3 large bushes. There were a few neighborhood garage sales going on so we took advantage of the constant traffic by putting out some items we wanted to get rid of with a FREE sign on them. Boy did that stuff disappear fast! We barbecued hamburgers and corn on the cob for a late afternoon meal with Josh and Laura. We also had barbecued beans and watermelon. A nice time of catching up.

The weather on Saturday was nice enough for us to be able to eat outside so this table setting was put on hold for our Sunday company.

I had to share this photo that I blatantly nabbed off my niece from facebook. This is my dad and oldest sister Kathy. They are celebrating their May birthdays today together at a family favorite restaurant in Montebello called Golden Skewers. Yum! My dad’s birthday was the 25th and my sister’s birthday was the 23rd. Wish I could have been there with them but I’m happy to have this photo I could steal to see their celebration! They both look fabulous for their perspective ages! My dad is now officially 90!

What a nice feeling to know we still have one full day left with nothing on the schedule. Wonder what projects we’ll come up with for the observed Memorial Day on Monday the 27th? What have you been up to?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “Remembering…

  1. Sounds like you have had a nice weekend. Hope you enjoy your holiday as well! Great pic of your dad and sister!

  2. It sounds like you are making the most of this weekend! Good food, good friends, good memories. Happy Birthday to your dad and sister. Enjoy the bonus day…tomorrow!

  3. Happy birthday to your Dad and sister! It was nice they could celebrate together.

    Your brunch table looked very festive and the food looked delicious, Ellen. Keeping Memorial Day and all those who serve in my thoughts and prayers.

    Thank you for your kind words on the loss of our cat, Bo. He was the best kitty and we miss him so much. He will always live on in our hearts!

  4. I had to smile to see how your dad uses the pocket on his shirt. Brings back memories of my dad. Happy Memorial Day to you as you remember special people in your life, in particular.

  5. This is a terrific patriotic table, Ellen…right down to the food! I have been trying to resist the strawberries in our fridge this evening, but looking at yours mixed with those plump, juicy blueberries is wearing down my willpower!!! 🙂

    I love the picture of your father-in-law. What a handsome fellow!!!!!!! They made a really cute couple!

    Congratulations to your Dad and your sister on their birthdays!!!!!! Enjoy your down time!

  6. Wow! Your Dad does not look 90! Your table looks so festive, and the food is making my mouth water. Love that picture of your husband’s parents. Beautiful couple. I also enjoyed the beautiful flowers in your garden in your previous post. laurie

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