The Merry Month of May…

My yard busts out in all it’s pink glory in the Month of May. Get ready for pink overload. I’ll throw in some non-pink, too, just for some contrast.

The Rhododendron is the Washington State Flower. We have 4 mature plants in our yard. We added a new Rhoddy last year from our trip to the Rhododendron garden on Whidbey Island. When it blooms it should be yellow.

Here’s that little break from pink I was talking about. This is one of our dwarf Top Hat Blueberry bushes that can thrive in pots.

Our Rosemary bush is in full bloom. We use the fresh rosemary year round in cooking.

These pansies are still making me smile. I can see them from my kitchen window.

More proof that I have other flowers that aren’t pink in my yard and on my deck.

My Lenten Rose has gone mostly green at the end of it’s cycle.

My azaleas are full. This darker variety is in full bloom and the light pink has all budded and waiting to open up fully.

My Dogwood tree only has two blooms this season and my lilac has none. I’m wondering if I planted the lilac in a spot that is too shady…

Yes, my Dogwood tree when it blooms fully should also be a lovely blast of pink. Here’s hoping it thrives…

Hope you are thriving and enjoying Spring wherever you are and as not to forget our friends in the Southern Hemisphere you should be enjoying your Fall. Have a great weekend everyone.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

18 thoughts on “The Merry Month of May…

  1. Gosh, but your flowers are beautiful!!! The deepest pink in those rhododendrons!!! And your rosemary bush is SO BIG!!!!!!! Rosemary doesn’t survive outdoors around here through the winter months. I’m not one for digging up plants and bringing them in, so everything just sort of dies off. So THIS is what happens when you leave it in the ground year round??!?!?! Wow!!! Your azaleas are beautiful, too. I just noticed the one azalea here that survived the winter is starting to bud, too. I love the color!!! I hope both your Dogwood and your lilac bush get their acts together soon! šŸ™‚

  2. Perfect reminder that May is a Merry month. I’ve enjoyed your colors…Come on over and enjoy my purples…I have the purple rhodos and they blend with our Celebrations theme.

  3. You are surrounded by so much beauty. I had no idea Rosemary flowered. Around here Rosemary is a small plant you keep indoors to snip off as needed. Our drought was so bad for two years that we have lost some bushes and are even concerned about a giant Willow tree. Hope yours are just slow in waking to Spring.

  4. It is fun to know that your azaleas and mine are blooming at the same time. The lilacs are about to burst and even the forsythia are still blooming. Very pretty pictures! I didn’t know that rosemary blossoms. Mine never has, but then it just limps from one year to the next.

  5. I miss rhoddies! Especially how their stamen often looks slightly metallic. Wonder why they grow in WA and TX and not in UT that I can see.

  6. I love the pinks that follow the yellows at this time of year. Aren’t the Rhodos just beautiful this year – so huge and billowy! It must have been just the right sort of spring for Rhodos.

  7. These are beautiful flowers, Ellen!! I love pink, almost never get tired of it.

    Thanks for your comments on my Bellagio post. I agree with you — a free bed in a hotel room is nothing to scoff at. Like you, my camera is always my companion; I love to take pictures. I meant to tell you Wednesday that I’m following your blog now via e-mail. šŸ™‚

    Have a wonderful weekend, Ellen!



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