Roses are Red…

…and so are some tulips!

There’s a new meme in blogdom hosted by The Tablescaper called Oh, the Places I’ve Been. I’m sharing more from the Skagit Tulip Festival in Washington State. The fields and garden I visited were Roozengaarde. Today it’s all about red. Yesterday I posted Tickled Pink.

It seems like red tulips might be fast bloomers. I was interested in all these spent blooms that are in the trenches.

The focus on a few of these are on the mountains in the background. It really was the first great weather day since Easter. We have a quiet weekend ahead for which I am grateful.

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18 thoughts on “Roses are Red…

  1. Glory! I wonder if they have a machine that goes along to cut spent heads since that makes tulips bloom better the next year. It looks like the entire seed pod is gone not just the petals. So I can’t remember what this place is, but assuming it is a bulb farm. I am so curious about things, I would love to watch their process’s….from planting, dead heading to digging the bulbs…how they do it. What a work of art!

    • Pam, I updated my post to include a link to the tulip grower I visited. Maybe they have more information on their site…

  2. Aren’t those colourful fields amazing…every year? That is so nice of those farmers to grow all those blooms for our enjoyment! 🙂 We arrived at our local tulip fields last year just as they were beginning to chop off the blooms. They never looked at all ‘spent’…but they need to be cut off in order to maximize the bulb growth. The fields of beautiful blooms for us to enjoy are the bi-product of their farming operation.

  3. What happens to the tulips? Are they grown for the bloom or the bulb? I really liked pink, but adore the red. So very striking.

  4. I did not know there was a tulip festival in Washington. How I would love to see those seas of brightly blooming tulips. So glad you shared this as I can never get enough of tulips.

  5. Everything was perfect there… even the spent tulips in the trenches!! As they say, “pretty as a picture” to see all those glorious red tulips. Highlighted by the mountains in the background makes it look heavenly!

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