Let’s Start At the Very Beginning…

…a very good place to start.

We’ll start at Como since it comes before Duomo and because we can see the Alps from there and they inspire me to want to sing all the songs from The Sound of Music.

We arrived by train in Varenna on beautiful Lake Como. The train ride was just about an hour from Milan.

The walk into the town gave us some promising views. The day was sunny and clear but very very windy and cold. It was the kind of wind with gusts that threw you off balance at times. This beautiful town is probably bustling in season but our time here was off season with very few people about and very few shops open.

We chose to eat at Ristorante Borgovino on one of the narrow lanes of Varenna.  We were happy with our choice. Dear and I were the only ones in the restaurant and were treated well.

We both chose risotto dishes. Dear had his with Lake Como Perch and I had the special with asparagus. Delicious.

More from the narrow streets and waterfront views of Varenna soon.

I’m happy to report I’m feeling a tad better today. I’m watching snow falling softly out my window. It threw me off guard when I first opened the blinds this morning to see everything covered with a light dusting of snow. How’s the weather in your part of the world?

15 thoughts on “Let’s Start At the Very Beginning…

  1. Beautiful pictures. Hope your feeling better soon. Maybe some is jet lag. Oh and its gray cold and rainy down here in this part of the Willemette valley. Wahhh I want sun! 😉

  2. Hello from overcast Anchorage – my first two days were brilliant sunshine so today’s skies are a tad disappointing. Varenna looks lovely through your eyes – have been in April, June and August – April was best. Summer crowds are considerable but they usually disappear in the evening (likely staying at uber -busy Bellagio. 🙂 thanks for sharing and keep on resting!

  3. A tad better is good! The photos of the train tracks from Milan brought back happy memories! We just chugged by on our trip; your lunch stop would have been reason enough to have stopped!
    Snow is pelting us again heavily today. Nice for us but the east coast is cringing at another round of snow and the south is going to get pretty tough thunderstorms after the storm moves on from our areas.

  4. You thought for a moment you were back in Italy, right…when you saw the snow falling? It all looks most lovely over there. Glad you are starting at the beginning!

  5. I love those little quaint villages, restaurants, streets and sidewalk cafes. I can just see you enjoying those quiet moments with you and Dear.
    It’s trying to snow in this part of the valley. I’m thankful for our chat yesterday. It really inspired me to share your recipe.

  6. Glad you’re feeling a bit better Ellen! Your pictures are all so pretty – the restaurant looks so nice too! A very good place to start indeed! It’s cold and snowy mixed in with a bit of freezing rain here today – ugh! Stay warm and eat some chicken soup!

  7. Pretty! Such a quaint little restaurant. Glad they took good care of you and that you are feeling better. We are having our annual last cold snap before Easter….but, of course, no snow!

  8. The light is different–more clear somehow. I love seeing the narrow cobbled streets!
    Your black blouse reminds me to ask you about packing–did you take only a carry-on?

  9. What a lovely restaurant. I really like the red floral tablecloths. The view across the lake, is that Menaggio? I remember having lunch there a few years ago, and looking across the water…probably to Varenna!

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