Pears for Your Heirs…

Pear trees, especially the old English varieties that would have been the subject of this proverb, take many years to mature and give fruit. You don’t plant them for yourself but for your heirs.

The full version of the phrase, which is a 17th century English proverb, is:

Walnuts and pears you plant for your heirs.

The sense of the altruistic nature of tree planting was also expressed by Thomas Fuller in his work Gnomologia, 1732:

“He that plants trees loves others beside himself.”

ht: The Phrase Finder

We’re thankful to whoever planted the trees in our yard. We have a few very mature trees compared to the rest of the neighborhood because our home was the original home surrounded by acres of land that were sold to a developer who put in houses. An old resident down the hill from us told me that our property was originally a nursery called Primrose Acres.

Look at all those pears we picked off our one tree. I know a small portion of them will be used to finish off my Smirntopf but what to do, what to do with all the rest. I’ll try to give some away. Maybe make some pear sauce. There are lots of lovely tarts and other things I can make but I’ll have to give those baked goods away as I’m restraining myself.

If you live close by and want some let me know.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Pears for Your Heirs…

  1. What a great picture of those lovely pears!!!! Such a neat story about your place, Primrose Acres – nice! Our pear tree has fruit every other year and this year the blossoms got frosted so there is exactly 1 pear on it!!! Wish I lived a little closer – I might take a few off you hands.

  2. Primrose Acres—-how lovely! I think you ought to make a little sign to keep the name going.

    Too bad I’m not one of your neighbors, I’d be at your back door with a bowl in my hands for you to fill with some of those wonderful pears! (They’re delicious in a garden salad, by the way, with nuts and dried cranberries.)

  3. My daughter has a pear tree and she has given us a few. For a guilt free treat, I slice one or two up and sprinkle them with a little splenda and cinnamon mixed together and microwave them for a minute or two. A dollop of light whipped topping makes them even better. Yummy and No Restraint needed here! 🙂

  4. Well that was a fun bit of trivia about your property. Are there any food banks or shelters that accept food? I love to bake and send the food to my hubby’s office.

  5. How I wish that I lived nearby as pears are my favorite fruit. The concept of planting for one’s heirs and the generations to follow is a lovely one. I hope that we are mindful of that in all we do.

  6. We planted our pear tree ten years ago and this year is the first year that we’re seeing more than 2 pears. It’s loaded! I think we’ll just be eating them.

  7. Now that you have put out the call for giving pears away you should have that taken care of. 🙂 There is a bounty this time of year and it’s so nice to share!! Love your nest story, too! Your mom is well cared for! It is a sweet time for your folks. Thanks for passing along the happiness!

  8. Trees really are such a blessing to everyone — to the one who plants and the one who reaps. I like pears in lettuce salads with poppyseed dressing. Yum! Toss a few into your smoothies too.

  9. I had to think of our place at the lake … there are pear trees and walnut trees that were planted many years ago. … more than thirty-five. Technically the pear trees are not ours, but they grow along the long driveway that is …. and there are just so many, they have to be shared.

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