Summer Sunday

We have 3 services at our church every Sunday. One Sunday a year we have Summer Sunday when we all get together for one service at an adjoining property. A member of our church owns this beautiful property and generously lets us overrun it for 3 hours. Bouncy houses are brought in for the kids.

BYOC…Bring your own chair or blanket is the order of the afternoon. Find your spot and settle in.

A jazz band entertained us with good music while we chatted and waited for our barbecue meal of pulled pork, BBQ beans, coleslaw, watermelon to be served. Everyone brought cookies to share for dessert.

Here’s our head pastor taking photos of all of us. He challenged us along our theme of “Love Where You Live”.

The highlight of the afternoon were the baptisms. There were many starting with grade school kids to adults.

The weather was perfect for the evening. During the course of the service we saw someone we used to go to church with years ago. Now we are at the same church again. It was fun catching up.

My Monday started out real good with some energy to get some things done that needed doing. It’s always good for me to be able to check things off my list. Do you keep lists?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

8 thoughts on “Summer Sunday

  1. That looks like fun! And I’m sure that you all clean up nicely so that the homeowners aren’t left with a mess. Way cool that you had some extra energy to begin your week… No, I don’t ordinarily keep lists except at Christmas time.

  2. That looks like it was a fun service. I think I like baptisms the very best of all.
    I keep lists when I start to feel like I’m spinning in circles. Lists keep me more focused because I tend to find rabbit trails to go down instead of sticking to the plan.

  3. I am the queen of lists – and that doesn’t mean I get them done or even follow them for that matter!!! Your church gathering/picnic looks fabulous – what a fund way to fellowship with all members.

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