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3 thoughts on “Biscuits and Sausage Gravy…

  1. This is a dish that was served several times a week when I worked for Head Start in Pennsylvania. For some reason, the cook thought that grits would be a good addition to the dish. The sausage gravy was somewhat paler than the one pictured, so the entire plate was an unappetizing beige. I have had an aversion to sausage and gravy ever since. That said, my experience with MGCC is such that I will go and have a look because I’ve never tried something from you gals that wasn’t delicious!

  2. I love biscuits and sausage gravy! Bet you made your Dear happy!

    My mother used to do the same thing with ground beef when we were kids, served over mashed potatoes with corn on the side. Good grief—talk about carb-loading! Those were the (good ol’) days when we never thought about such things.

  3. Looks good……better than my old oatmeal!! Maybe I’ll save up some breakfast “points” and indulge one day soon! Those are not Weight Watcher points…just my points. 🙂
    Your refrigerator is something else!! Good thing you were home!!
    And…love the pictures! I’d like to paint that barn..watercolor….may I? No problem if not! :))

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