Summer Fullness…

I love this time of summer when everything is still lush and green and full.

Soon enough things will dry out and wither.

Tonight we’re having a party on the deck. Our Bible Study small group is getting together since we haven’t met since May. The weather sounds like it will cooperate for us.

Dear’s vacation starts tomorrow. We have some fun things planned before just like an American he has some work on the house planned. Why is it we Americans use our vacations for work? Europeans really know how to take a holiday. I think I’ll dub 2013 early as our holiday year! I declare that 2013’s vacations will be vacations. Now Lord willing we’ll be granted that desire…

Have a great day everyone!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

6 thoughts on “Summer Fullness…

  1. I think it has to do with the American work ethic, thank God there are those who still have it!
    Yes, the Europeans take vacations very seriously. My son’s co. is global, and if a big deal is closing, they still insist on taking their vacation! Here, the vacation would be delayed.
    Hope your party goes well. Yesterday here is was brutal, even a block from the Bay.It was like a sauna.

  2. A lot of Europe homes that I saw didn’t have the need for up keep or they just don’t do all the “stuff” we Americans do to make our homes look so new. I hope 2013 allows you that kind of vacations. I might just want to sit and look at the lush green of your home. I guess our entire state has been declared a natural disaster ….extreme heat and drought records broken all over the place. Crops are dead and the farmers say finding seed for next year will be harder and a lot more expensive because the drought is so extensive. What a year. Have a grand party!

  3. Have a fun party tonight and hope you can convince dear to take some days off!!! Your place looks so beautiful. We are dried and whithered here but have enjoyed two nice rains this past week so it looks a wee bit better. Have a fabulous vacation time.

  4. Its nice to see some lush greenery via your blog, Ellen. Everything is brown and crunchy here despite the three inches of rain we got last night and the two on Saturday.

  5. Your gardens and deck look lovely, Ellen. We do the same thing with holiday time. Some around the house chore always gets thrown in there somewhere. When else can we do it?

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