It’s Not Over Yet…

…and we haven’t even seen the professional shots.

Andrew and Katie

Our son Josh walking me in…

Our son Dan walking my parents in…

Andrew walking his step mom and dad in…

Jackson and Hope walking in just before Dear and Katie.

The fun times just keep on rolling in…

Whenever a new bill comes in from the wedding we say,

“It’s the gift that keeps on giving”

Some of the  helium balloons we had filled with the Marine Eagle, Anchor, and Globe insignia are still flying high. Oorah! (It’s been 4 weeks!)

We still have a few bottles of wine from the wedding that we bring out for fun occasions.

We are looking forward to the professional wedding photos taken on the day of the wedding.

Totally random but I think it’s so cool. Here is my nephew Joe in Jordan. He’s been studying in Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and Israel from Westmont College. That’s why he missed Andrew and Katie’s wedding. We’re looking forward to seeing him at his brother Levi’s wedding in May.

Joseph on his camel in the desert…just seems right!

We are in the process of deciding on the color for our new roof that will be installed beginning in May. More fun times ahead. I’ll need to make sure and take some before shots so I can share the before and afters. We are still enjoying some nice weather here but things are changing up again soon. I almost have all my Easter dishes done. I got sidetracked with the good weather and ended up mowing the lawn today instead of doing dishes. No worries…the dishes will still be there tomorrow. Still basking in the joy that celebrating Easter brings. Hope you are, too. Blessings…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

14 thoughts on “It’s Not Over Yet…

  1. Good thing that you prepared me for “totally random.” I’m still grinning. Only in our big wonderful families does all this variety of time and place exist. Wonderful. (I took two days to finish up Easter dishes, too. There were just so many. The leftovers, however, oh my. I’ll have to freeze some.)

  2. It’s such fun to see those photos!
    I had to laugh out loud at the photos of your nephew on a camel. This sort of thing makes me think that your family is a lot like ours!

  3. Loved this post — totally love wedding photos! Great picture of you! The one of you reminds me of Dancing with the Stars! You looked all dressed up and ready to go on stage (I love the show; this is a compliment). And the camels — ohhhhh — makes me want to go there! As far as the roof is concerned, my “rule” is — always go darker than your house color. That’s what we did — and I like it much better now. And last week the neighbors had a new roof installed as well. Their former roof was gray (blends with the sky) and I said to my husband: “Oh, I hope they know to go darker, as it is like putting a hat on a house!”. Yup, they did — so now when I look outside my front window and across the pasture, I see their lovely home with a dark, charcoal colored “hat”. Very good! Giggle!

    Enjoy your day! I hope it’s blessed!

  4. Wonderful photos! I hope that some of the wedding guests will take photos at my daughter’s wedding and send them to me later. I am debating whether to bring my camera to make sure I get some good Sometimes the professional photos take soooo long to be delivered. Only a little more than a month to go for us!

    Your nephew is so fortunate to have this wonderful opportunity to travel!

  5. Okay, Ellen – I consider you as my personal hosting/entertaining diva and role model. To know that you are still recovering from your Easter dishes makes me feel like you are still human!! 😉 I just finished cleaning up my kitchen this afternoon from the weekend. 😉

    Look forward to more wedding pics.

  6. Ahh – now we see the whole dress and shoes you wore – beeeeautiful Mother of the Bride!!!! I am still looking for the right dress and feeling totally overwhelmed for some reason. It’s so hard to plan when she’s so far away – ach – I shouldn’t stress…….it’ll all come together in spite of me!

  7. I love the camel pictures of Joe (is he the youngest and the one that went shoeless?). And I don’t think I have ever mentioned that I love your dress…..I always like reusing!! (can’t seem to get the right spell check on this :-/

  8. Love the photos of your nephew. It looks like he’s headed for Petra.

    The candid shots of the wedding are great. I can imagine how much better the formal photos will be.

    And I too have to post on my wordpress account which states I’m willowknts instead of Willow…

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