Flower Girl & Ring Barrel

My niece Hope coined a new name for a Ring Bearer and we’re sticking with it. Here are some adorable photos of the children at Katie and Andrew’s wedding which include Hope, the flower girl and Jackson the “Ring Barrel” or Ring Bearer.

Practicing…with our Texas boots on.

Our third sweetheart is Jackson’s little sister Avery!

My parents with Hope their granddaughter and Jackson their Great Grandson.

Beside the flower girl and ring barrel the wedding party included Katy K. a friend since junior high, Katie’s brother Daniel, Katie’s lifelong friend Jamie (Maid of Honor), Katie and Andrew, Kristen a friend from church growing up, Katie’s brother Josh, and Andrew’s Best Man Schaub who flew in from North Carolina for the honors. The flower girl flew in from Texas and the Ring Barrel flew up from California.

Later I’ll be sharing the little ones dancing the night away. This is my 7th wedding post and there are many more to share.

I’m linking up with Mary for Mosaic Monday.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

32 thoughts on “Flower Girl & Ring Barrel

  1. The children are adorable and I especially like the photo of the three of them, little Avery holding her doll. I’m sure they’ll always remember the fun they had at their big cousin’s wedding. Ring Barrel – love it!! lol

  2. Just too cute! It looks like they had lots of fun too.

    You had a ‘ring barrel’ and my son thought he was the ‘root bear’ when he had the job of ring bearer. We couldn’t figure out why he had such a strange gait…unitl he told us that was how the ‘root bear’ walked.

    • Vee, It was really cold with a cold breeze but the sun showed up which made it all bearable!
      (Maybe 35 degreeish with the wind factor)

  3. I am at the edge of my seat reading your wedding posts – so lovely. I love the little ones – adorable and love the “ring barrel” story!!!! My daughter at 4 thought she was getting married on the day she was flower girl and told me she had someone else in mind to marry – so funny! Such handsome brothers Katie has!

  4. Precious! They all look wonderful! Last year my 4 gkids were in their aunt’s wedding and stole the show. The 4 year old decided he should tumblesault into the reception!

    What a beautiful wedding! God bless them, and you with some grand babies! 🙂

  5. Ellen, what beautiful memories you are sharing with us. Love the pink boots and I’ll have to remember *ring barrel*!!!!! Too cute! Beautiful wedding.

  6. The “ring barrel” — I love that! 🙂 What a beautiful wedding party, including those sweet little ones! Thanks for sharing at MM. 🙂 xoxo

  7. They are all so cute… big and little people! The photo with the three kids together is priceless, I mean the smile on their faces and especially Avery’s. She’s going to be a flower girl very soon.

  8. PINK cowboy boots at that!! Too cute!!!
    You don’t have to apologize ever for posting MORE wedding pictures – I am thoroughly enjoying them!!! 🙂

    Happy Monday.

  9. Love the Ring “Barrel” – those little ones just stole the show – I’m looking forward to the pictures from the dance. They all showed the rest of us how to delight in the dance!

  10. I too can’t wait to see what you post each day! I love the purple!! Hope looks like she has changed so much.
    Words cannot express my heart seeing my darling grandbabes!! My faves are Jack and Hope dancing….the three, all smiling….and Avery sitting on the stage w/her hands in her lap.
    Blessings to you, Ellen.

  11. They are so sweet! And there must be a fabulous age difference somewhere along the line if Jackson (who looks older than Hope) is the great grandchild and Hope is the grandchild. We have fabulous spreads in our family too…my mom’s youngest grandchild is younger than her oldest great grandchild. That’s what you get when you have kids 20 years apart! LOL.

    • Karen, Jackson is 7 and Hope is 4. Hope is our youngest niece and my parents youngest grandchild. She usurped Katie as the youngest 4 years ago LOL!

  12. It is always wonderful to see children at a wedding –they have so much fun! Your flower girl and “ring barrel’ are adorable!

    There are so many nieces and nephews and second cousins in my daughter’s and her fiance’s families that they couldn’t chose and hurt feelings so there won’t have either flower girl or ring barer, but children are invited to attend the reception.

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