Are You Serious…

…about going green…really?

Have you noticed lately when you go to a motel/hotel that there is always a note that explains that the hotel is concerned about conservation and being green and would like you to use your towels etc. for more than one use? When we were in San Diego they even gave us a $5.00 credit to be used at the hotel restaurants and Starbucks in the hotel. I was happy to get the $5.00 coupon but I wasn’t thrilled with our bathroom…can you see why?

Not one towel rack in the bathroom. Where do they want me to hang my wet towel that they are giving me a $5.00 credit for? How will my wet towel dry nicely before my shower the next morning?  Do I have to come up with my own towel rack?

For this great invention, I think they should give me a $10.00 credit!

Today is Saturday. I’m headed out on a walk in our great dry sunny weather we are having! Yippee! Dear has a lot of plans that involve hauling and moving stuff. Wish me luck on my body holding up!

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14 thoughts on “Are You Serious…

  1. Ah but even better is when they say they are concerned about the environment and you can help by giving a donation of X dollars…

    So wait, I’m down with being green yo but you just said you were worried about the environment and so I should give you more money?

  2. When I am finally able to afford staying at a hotel, I do not appreciate such notes and decline. Not only do I want fresh towels daily, I want fresh sheets daily. It’s part of my hotel experience and thank you so very much.

    Good plan for drying the towel! I would have put mine on the curtain rod in the main window proving what a yahoo I really am. =)

    • I hear ya Vee. As I told Greg above I’m not convinced the environment is top priority but cutting the housekeeping costs are their priority.

  3. I’m laughing at Vee’s comment. We do like our hotel stays to be special..don’t we? We can re-use the towels and sheets at home. I am quite good at drying my towels over and over again…but a towel rack is essential!

  4. Enjoy your walk, your sun and your dry weather!

    And don’t be too hard on your back…if you are like me, it doesn’t take very much these days to tweak those muscles.

  5. That made me smile!
    I’ve just spent a week in two different hotels with the same sign. I dutifully hung my towel to dry, just to find that all towels and bathmat had been replaced – every day. So much for cooperating in being green.

  6. WOW !!! REALLY :Ellen==== that is so not going (green) lol=== where oh where,did you stay ,,, just soo I don’t go there;:::?/??

    • Yes, Willow. When I checked out I pointed out the lack of towel racks to the staff. I probably should have tracked down someone higher up to complain to.

  7. I don’t mind having them change the sheets every other day even though we rarely stay in a hotel more than a day or so, but I like fresh towels daily just for the reason your pointed out. Do towels in a hotel room EVER really dry out? Mine at home do because they are hung directly over a furnace vent. I can’t believe there wasn’t a single towel bar. I’d have thrown it over the curtain rod and not being as clever as you.

    I say next time ask for fresh towels.

  8. I wonder if anyone has ever pointed it out to them? You certainly were creative about it!
    Sometimes there are hooks behind the door, but the towel does not dry bunched up like that either.

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