Black & Gold

It’s been a long time since I’ve joined in with Susan’s Tablescape Thursday. This week I have a table set ready to go for some weekend celebrations so I’m joining in.

It was fun to finally be able to use these goblets. They are a shade of green/blue that hasn’t been easy to decorate around. I bought this April Cornell tablecloth at Marshall’s in North Carolina while helping Katie get settled in her military housing. This new cloth works well with the goblets.

The black and gold dishes are from Target holiday line a few years ago. The gold goblets (which are huge) and the blue/green goblets are from Goodwill.

I’m keeping this table set for our Birthday celebrations this coming weekend. I think it is less girly than most of my scapes and our 2 birthday boys can appreciate the setting.

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19 thoughts on “Black & Gold

  1. Oh yes, I think the birthday boys will feel very comfortable there! Love the color of the glasses! They look green on my screen, perfect for a certain day in March!
    Enjoy your celebrations at your pretty table!

  2. I love it! I have an April Cornell rooster cloth too – but it is the gold version, and luncheon size. I’m sure that your birthday boys be very happy with this!

  3. Your table looks so inviting! I love this idea of Tablescape Thursday and the Alphabet one too! I’ll have to figure it out and join in some time. Have a great party!

  4. So absolutely perfect for a masculine table setting….We won’t tell them it is still pretty.

    I’m a tad jealous….that tablecloth is perfect. I might have to check online and see if there are any left.
    Enjoy the party.

  5. Oh how lovely that tablescape is. You’re right…what a perfect complement the goblets are for that pop of color that exists in the tablecloth.

  6. Do you have a hard time not thinking about Lovella for some reason? =)
    Enjoy the ones around the table. I can’t believe it’s set already!

  7. Your table cloth is delightful. I’m always thinking of you each time I set my table! I didn’t take a picture of my table this past weekend but I used a bronze coloured bird, an egg in a nest, some fall coloured vines with berries and candles. You’re inspiring me to be more creative.

  8. That tablecloth is amazing — I can imagine all those roosters dancing around it! The black and gold looks wonderful with it, and Im glad you finally found a way to incorporate the unusual blue/green glasses!

  9. That’s a very interesting pattern on your table cloth…it shows resemblance to something I see daily. I’ll let you enjoy it…as you have done a phenomenal job of putting this together. Your colors and goblets look so unusual, but yet so stylish around the cloth. Way to go!

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