A Few Things…

Katie has added a few personal touches to her first home. Decorating will be at the minimum for now. She ordered enough to make them comfortable and when Andrew gets home the two of them will add any extra pieces together. There are still bookcases and such at our house for them to bring across the country after the wedding in March in Seattle. For now we are really enjoying the sofa and loveseat and the Keurig. Coffee and a place to sit and enjoy it in the morning…wonderful.

Our round trip to Raleigh went well and the new used car is safe in the garage with a 30 day pass to get it on and off base. We used the washer and dryer last night and they worked well. We are going to lay low today and recuperate. Tomorrow we hope to have a play day at the seashore!

A storm rolled through last night and we got to experience some of the lightning that we hear is pretty common around these parts. Living on a Base it’s hard to figure out whether the booms you hear are thunder or artillery!

We are also learning the best times to go to the Commissary. It’s good to avoid it on payday or the day after. If you go on payday you will experience crowds like you do on Black Friday! And don’t get stuck on base at quitting time.

God has really helped us through little and big things here in North Carolina. We are looking to Him and for Him in the details of each day. We are blessed because of all that God brought to pass 2000 years ago…

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

14 thoughts on “A Few Things…

  1. So many details to absorb and so many things for this new bride to look forward to. I just pray that these next few weeks are a time an delightful anticipation as she looks forward to two things. ..both of them wonderful.
    I am so jealous of that storm. I saw yesterday morning Al Roker on the today show showing your side of the continent and a very colorful swatch above.

    Enjoy your day at the beach …imagine that.

  2. I was just talking to a friend yesterday whose son just left for Italy. She was sharing military stories. I live in such a sheltered world. We don’t have family serving nor close friends to really “know” what that life is like. She was telling me about a web site where soldiers can list things they would love in a care package if people are wanting to give….some of it had to do with gear for their ability to function and stay safe. I was stunned….we think our military spending is so immense but so many of these kids (and they are kids) are living below poverty. I can imagine the rush to get basics when payday hits. Bless their hearts. So thankful for their service.
    It’s fun peeking in as you help her set up their first home….such a fun time.

  3. It’s all looking very welcoming. I’m sure that Andrew will be pleased with all the efforts that have gone into this. Enjoy your down day and tomorrow, too!

  4. Katie and Andrew have the essentials: coffee and Christmas tree. I imagine that Lejeune and Pendleton have the same issue–horrendous traffic morning and evening. Whenever I drive to San Diego, my goal is to pass Camp Pendleton BEFORE rush hour.

  5. We had a big storm last night too, maybe the same one. Heavy rain, thunder and wind. Things all over the place this morning!

    Glad things are going well. You are good parents, for sure!

    Have fun at the shore. I may go down later for a walk if it warms up a little. The wind will be worse at the beach.

  6. It’s all beginning to look very ‘homey’…warm and welcoming! I’m trying to figure out how the stockings are hung…maybe attached with suction hooks to a mirror?

    Wishing you a fun play day at the seashore!

  7. Things seem to be falling into place very nicely! Glad it’s all working out so well. And I like your comment most about being blessed because of what God did 2000 years ago. His blessings indeed maketh rich!

  8. I really like that red wreath on the white front door! Such a nice welcome look! So happy for Katie in her anticipation.

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