Old Town Sacramento…

When I was in the Sacramento area for my friend Kathy’s Memorial service I had time before and after her services to explore some of the area. One of the stops I made was in Old Town Sacramento. The unique 28-acre National Historic Landmark District and State Historic Park is located along the beautiful Sacramento River.

I do not do real well walking around in heat and this day in Sacramento was in the 90’s. I would have explored more if it was cooler. I noticed this guy who looks like he was escaping the heat, too.

I was happy to finally see Old Town Sacramento. I can’t tell you how many times we have driven by the signs for this part of Sacramento traveling from Seattle to Los Angeles and never being able to stop. We are always in such a hurry to make our destination. If we ever travel that road again by car I’ll know about the great restaurants in this area and how easy the exit and re-entry onto I-5 is.

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13 thoughts on “Old Town Sacramento…

  1. Why is it that we don’t visit interesting places either near us or right on the way to a place we visit often. One summer, I’m going to change that.

    This looks like a nice place to visit for anyone with a love of history.

  2. We have been there a couple of times and did a breakfast cruise one time on the boat. It was fun! We should go back a visit again sometime, but not when it is so hot! Glad you had a chance to see it. Raley Field is not far from there. Just over that bridge in one of your pictures. We have been to a few River Cats games there too.

  3. I would travel like you ..looking for the shade. Oh but what a wonderful place old Sacramento is. I never even knew there was a “before” town. Great photos Ellen.

  4. Sacramento looks like an interesting and pretty city. It is amazing how the Gold Rush had so much to do with the development of the West. There are so many wonderful sights in CA –we loved the drive on the coast highway. I took over 1,000 photos!

    I don’t do well in the heat either, but I find California is so dry that the CA sun doesn’t bother me as much as the hot and HUMID NYC summer weather.

  5. Talk about blue skies! So beautiful. I see in the distance that pretty glass high rise building. I think that’s the one you see driving in on the freeway? I’ve admired it.

  6. Sacramento always seems to get passed by when exploring California. Maybe since it is the capitol of Crazy…I mean California people are afraid the whole state’s nuttiness is flowing from there.

  7. I know 90 was a bit warm for you, but I’m glad you were here on a relativly nice day! I love Old Sac and have spent many a day exploring the nooks and crannys.

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