Other Than Food…

…here’s what else was photographed while we waited for our tasting.

We were a little early for our food tasting yesterday so we took a little drive around the area of the wedding venue to see what we could see.

Isn’t this an inviting sidewalk for a stroll?

The wedding venue doesn’t have the best of views because this boat garage blocks a lot of it.

If you peek through the parked boats you can see Gas Works Park across Lake Union.

We are experiencing this kind of weather today with lots of powerful gusts of wind. Our power went out this morning for a couple hours because of some downed wires or a downed tree on wires. The road I take to our church for Bible Study was closed so I had to find an alternate route. It all worked out just fine because many people were late and they adjusted the start time. Flexibility is a good thing…

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “Other Than Food…

  1. That is a very inviting sidewalk indeed. And much cooler than the sidewalks I’ve been walking here lately. Ah, I know the Gasworks from my Seattle Ducks tour of a few years ago. The wedding is going to be happening very soon….all best wishes to Katie and the groom! I’ll be watching via your blog as you continue documenting all the goings on.

  2. Our grands love Gas Works Park. It’s fun for them to climb over all the pipes and to run up the “kite flying Hill”. Very nice photos Ellen.

  3. That sidewalk does look very inviting. I’m sure that you didn’t have time to wander far along it, but perhaps some fine day. You always take the nicest pictures. Looks as if it’s been unsettled weather in your corner. We’ve got that coming in for tomorrow. The sun just didn’t last long enough.

    What kind of driveway are you dreaming of? We are going to have a poured cement driveway. John swears by them. I don’t know, but I have seen the lovely ones that he has done around town so perhaps can be persuaded.

    • Vee, We are looking toward a poured cement driveway. We have a huge area to pour though and part of the pour is uphill. The drive in front of the shop which is 3 cars wide and up the side hill to the top of the garage which is another 3 cars wide area. Sounds confusing but all we know is that it will cost a fortune so it will wait till after the wedding!

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