FFF ~ Welcome Fall Schedules!

It’s that time of the week when it’s good to look back and consider the good things that have happened. Friday’s Fave Five is hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.  Click on over to join in this worthwhile exercise.

I enjoy this time of year… the end of summer and the beginning of Fall. I like the new order that Fall brings to my life.

1. Church was all a buzz on Sunday with the launching of all the Fall programs.

2. Women’s Bible Study started on Tuesday morning and I’m excited about the study on the Parables. I’m new to this group/church but I was put in a group with a friend from my past. We were bleacher/sideline buddies because our boys played soccer together in high school. It was great to see her and to catch up a little on Josh and David’s lives. The guys are in their 30’s now…

3. We have our wedding planner assigned for Katie’s wedding and we are looking forward to meeting with her about the details and having a food tasting with the chefs.

4. Woohoo I cleaned out my pantry! The benefit of that is that there were a few items that I really needed to use up before they were way too old for human consumption so I’ve been creative in the kitchen this week. We’ve had home cooked meals way too many nights in a row. Thankfully we are going out tonight.

5. I finished reading the Penderwicks book series by Jeanne Birdsall that I really enjoyed and am now reading a series by Gail R. Fraser about the little town of Lumby.

Before I sign off head over to Mennonite Girls Can Cook on Friday for the recipe to put this pasta salad together.

Hope you all had a good week. I hope to get around and see what has been happening in your neck of the woods…

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “FFF ~ Welcome Fall Schedules!

  1. You gals did well to recognize one another after thirty years. ☺ (I say this because I ran into an old friend yesterday who did not recognize me. She hasn’t changed a bit. Apparently, I have.)

    I shudder to think what’s in my pantry that needs tossing. My daughter has started to read expiration dates at my house.

    Fall always does feel more like the “new year” than January does. Must be the memory of returning to school.

  2. It looks delicious Ellen B!!! Isn’t it nice to have an evening off from cooking? Hubby’s at his men’s study tonight so it’s just me and a huge bowl of popcorn…yay!!
    Ooh wedding tasting…that sounds fun!!! I hope all of Katies plans are falling into perfect place.

    xoxo cori g.

  3. Fun week you have had!
    1. I joined a Tuesday MOPS get-together at an area church too this week. 🙂
    2. I would have loved to come by for your home cooked meals. The bow tie pasta you made a few weeks ago that I was hoping to entice Miss Baby to eat her eggs. Well, she hasn’t quite warmed up to bow ties yet. It’s such a challenge to have a picky eater in the house.
    3. Your books sound interesting – are the story lines set in Britain?

  4. It sounds like order and organizing and all good things over there. Is the little town in Lumby in B.C.? It is in northeast corner of the Okanagan Valley…and all about logging, I think.

  5. Ellen, it sounds like you are well on your way for the autumn shedule. I love pantry cleanup time..you just don’t know what you might find tucked in the back of the shelves:)

  6. I’ll have to look up those books. And I’m on my way to check out that Pasta Salad recipe!! I did the Pantry Cleanout a couple of weeks ago, and the pantry is so nice now.

    Enjoy your fall!

  7. Sometimes I am reluctant for summer to end (except for the heat!) and the busier fall season to begin, but it does help make my schedule more orderly. Of course, this is the last year we have one in high school, so I won’t have anything but my husband’s work schedule to work around next year.

    How neat to catch up with an old friend!

    It must feel good to have a major step in the wedding planning set.

    I need to do that with the pantry more often — I get so ashamed at how much I throw out that gets too old.

  8. We started a new quarter at church 2 weeks ago. Attendance is always up for that! Glad that you’re in the same Bible study with an old friend. Always a delight. Have fun planning Katie’s wedding!

  9. Oh my that pasta salad looks good. One of my favorite comfort foods.

    I love fall too. Getting a little routine is a good thing. A wedding planner sounds like a great thing. Takes some of the stress of you guys.

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