“It would have been pretty darn difficult for actress Dina Merrill to have ever pulled off playing a commoner on stage, film or TV. She just had too much class. The epitome of poise and glamor, the New York-born socialite and celebrity was born in 1925 the daughter of financier E.F. Hutton, the founder of the Wall Street firm, and heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post of the Post cereal fortune”. (from a mini biography of Dina Merrill)

I really enjoyed the glamour surrounding the Hillwood Estate in Washington D.C. I’m not one to fuss much with glamour but I can appreciate it in others. Unlike Dina Merrill I can pull off being a commoner every day.

I’m quite comfortable in blue jeans and a comfy tee-shirt. I like a certain level of glamour once in a while. That glamour still has to have an element of comfort with it.

Dina Merrill whose birth name was Nedenia Marjorie Hutton, was the only child of Merriweather’s union with E.F. Hutton.

Wow! How about these wedding bouquets!?

Marjorie Merriweather Post seemed to have connections with other very glamorous people, too.

I think my most glamorous days have been at weddings. Growing up my mother always made sure my sisters and I had a new home sewn dress for Easter and Christmas. Those were glamorous days, too. How about you? Do you enjoy glamour and what was the most glamorous event you attended or were the star of?

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11 thoughts on “Glamorous…

  1. Good morning, Ellen. What a glamorous post… I can’t get over how identical the bridesmaids’ bouquets look!

    I enjoy looking at glamor, but only when it is tastefully done. Too much gaudy glamor makes me feel suffocated. Like you, weddings are probably the most glamorous events I have been to in my life.

  2. I share your memories of feeling glamorous every Easter and Christmas in my new home-sewn dress throughout my childhood! Though it is special to dress up on occasion…I prefer comfort over glamour any day.

    We watched the final segment of ‘The Kennedy’s’ last night. I studied the photo above (of JFK and Jackie)…and was struck by the resemblance to the ‘real thing’ of the actors who played their parts. It’s a wonderful series…by the way!

  3. awww… Ellen … ‘common’ looks glamorous on you !!!! smile..
    What an interesting post !
    My most glamorous event ? I have always and forever will love weddings… but I think the most glamorous event that immediately comes to mind is one opera we attended in the days when ‘glamor’ was the descriptive label describing the whole event. Vic and I were dressed as formal as we could imagine – full length gown and white dinner jacket- and I had my long hair done up in bubbles and braids… My hairdresser had just come back from learning new ‘formal’ hairstyles and she just about closed shop to work her new skills on my hair.
    I’m with you- i can appreciate glamor but I’m a country girls at heart !

  4. I also had new hand sewn dresses at Easter and Christmas. When I was little. .I played glamour quite a lot and I didn’t even have a proper example to go by. Had I watched TV. .it would have only been worse I’m sure.
    I guess I figured out that glamours ladies wore tight skirts so I always took a baby blanket and wrapped it around my slim hips and pinned it to make it tight as possible ..and then strutted around the house with my babies.
    The Jackie look has always been one of my favorites!

  5. I have to admit I haven’t watched any of Dina Merill’s movies. What you’ve presented here is elegant and beautiful. She looks a bit like Grace Kelly, don’t you think? I’ve to admit too that I’m a stranger to glamour. Maybe the closest for me is to attend a film festival, as a watcher that is. 🙂

  6. I noticed the beautiful frames on the photos, especially the rich one on her wedding portrait. (I know that wasn’t the point but even the frames and the wall covering scream “Class”.
    Thank heavens for “Cottage charm”. That’s me.

  7. What beautiful photos, Ellen. Dina Merrill was so incredibly elegant.
    Glamour?…there were some glamorous times when TGD was in the air force. I had tea with HRH Princess Anne once – we had a good old conversation that wasn’t in the least glamorous, but I was a bit star-struck!

  8. We were poor, but I had some very wealthy (older) cousins. They once sent a box full of old ball gowns and fur stoles. As a little girl, I felt very glamourous sashaying about in those gowns. Weddings, proms, and cruises are the other times I’ve really tried to dress up. These days I prefer capris and flip flops.

  9. my glamor is on a simple level. my wedding for example was simple, small, in a $200 dress no veil, no train, no miles of taffeta. simple and yet I felt elegant and beautiful. That’s how I like it.

  10. No glamor for me….I keep asking the girls if they could just plan summer weddings whenever they get married… I don’t have to wear stuffy shoes… feet were made to be barefoot or in COMFY sandals. We have a fancier wedding to go to in Oct. and I’m kind of dreading it. I guess I should go find a new outfit for Fall…..I have these crazy flowy black pants that almost don’t look like pants. I LOVE them, then there is NO HOSE, that is my other HUGE dislike anymore. I used to wear heals and hose and fancy….not anymore. I’m all about comfort and HAPPY feet. Now our youngest daughter walks with such grace in evening gowns and high heels…she loves that and her running clothes. (c:

  11. Dina Merrill is the distant cousin of Alan B. Hall, the newest hero of the United States and he gave his life saving a young girl in Florida! Dina is beautiful and “Uncle” Alan Burton Hall is watching her from the heavens.

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