FFF ~ The Pleasures of Home…

It’s time to stop and consider the good things that we enjoyed during this past week. You can link up with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story to share your favorites.

It’s a wonderful privilege to be able to travel and visit with friends and family but it’s always good to return home. Katie and I were in Southern California last week and we had a whirlwind of fun gatherings. On Saturday evening we returned home and Dear was very happy to have his chatty ladies in view. So here are my favorites…

1. On our way to the airport we were able to meet up with my walking buddy from when I was living in Southern California. We met Willow from Willow’s Cottage at a shopping center just South of the airport and we enjoyed a meal together while we caught up. Doesn’t Willow look good? During the year and a half that we have been apart she’s been losing weight while I’ve been gaining weight. Just so you don’t feel too sorry for me in the last month I’ve managed to finally lose some weight. Yippee.

2. On the plane trip home an acquaintance of Katie’s from our former church was one of the flight attendants. It was fun surprise to see each other and get caught up on news. Our friend treated Katie and I with champagne when she heard Katie had gotten married.

3. Oh the joy of sleeping in your own bed again after being away.

4. I’ve been picking blueberries off my bush which is loaded since I returned, too. Since the sun has been shining bright things have sped up in their ripening process. Speaking of growing things my Sweet Peas grew and flourished from the seeds I brought home from Butchart Gardens in April. Sweet Peas make me smile.

5. Driving my own car instead of a rental is another nice thing.

What things stand out as your favorites this past week?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

20 thoughts on “FFF ~ The Pleasures of Home…

  1. Right now seeing GREEN in your world is pretty fine. We have family in your area this week. To plan a vacation she got online and looked for some place in the U.S. that wasn’t hot. You guys were it. Glad to hear there is some sun shine for them to enjoy. So fun that you all could connect with friends on your…even in the air. Those sweet peas are so fun.

  2. Glad you are home safe and sound. My favs of the week….finally getting the for sale sign in the yard, going to an ob visit with my daughter, and seeing some of my flowers blooming in spite of the heat and lack of rain! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. It is so much fun to travel but you’re right – coming home is always a highlight of the journey.
    For me the return of the sun is making me smile. – and my flowers are thriving.

  4. Great post, Ellen! We tried growing blueberries a couple of years ago, yield was virtually non-existent after the birds got our grand total of 5 berries. 🙂

    Highlight of my week: just the thought of how the Lord has brought us to our new place made me smile…

  5. It’s always good to be back home! Are you planning to pick those yellow transparent apples anytime soon? I harvested our wee crop yesterday…and baked three pies.

    My smiles of the week…sunshine, freshly mowed hay, family visiting from afar, surprise party planned by our kids.

  6. I love sweet peas — we need a picture! Welcome home. How neat that you saw Willow and happened upon a friend working on the plane!

    I’m with you on sleeping in my own bed and driving my own car! Enjoy home!!

  7. Sleeping in your own bed is the best! And I certainly agree, I’d rather drive my own car than a rental (or anyone else’s, either.)

    How neat that you and Willow got to spend time together!

    Running into a friend on accident is more fun than planning to meet, in my opinion. I always feel like God arranged for the meeting of friends instead of me, and it’s bound to work out better!

  8. Oh the joy of picking fresh blueberries! Yum! Oh what fun to see special friends, what a fun surprise! And YES I totally understand the joy of sleeping in your own bed!!! 🙂

  9. How nice to meet up with a blogging friend! And another friend on the airplane. And yes, one of the joys of traveling is coming home again to your own bed;)

  10. It was wonderful to spend those hours with you! When are you traveling to SoCal again? I’m sure it won’t be too soon because you’ve been missing your own bed too much.
    Oh, sweet peas! I love them! And you know how much I enjoy picking blueberries at the Gerry Ranch 🙂

  11. As fun as it is to get away, it’s so nice to get back home to everything familiar.

    How fun that you got to get together with Willow again!

    Love those sweet peas.

  12. WOW, I could hardly believe that was Willow….Oh well, you are on your way Ellen,…Keep working at it…and most of all is that you enjoy life along it’s way and that’s exactly what you are doing. Keep enjoying time with Kate.

  13. I’m always intrigued by “it’s a small world” stories. They’re so interesting. Glad that you are happily home and enjoying the pleasures therein. The sweet peas are lovely and I had a packet that never was planted. Shoot!

  14. I imagine that this weekend is extra nice with you all home and snuggled in, Ellen. How fun to be able to pick blueberries fresh from the vine. And your sweat peas are looking so gorgeous. I should have bought plants instead of planting seeds. I had only one lonely vine took root. And no flowers yet. Your photos are great and make me a little envious. 😉 Have a great week.

  15. Sweet peas make me smile too. My father planted some in my patio garden years ago and they still come back every year. Nothing better than coming home and sleep in your own bed after being away, nothing can beat that! You and Willow look great, how wonderful to have been able to spend some time together!

  16. Sweet peas are one of my favorite flowers. I plant them here in November and they bloom profusely in February. I fill huge vases with them and the scent the whole house with that amazing fragrance.

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