Purple Haze ~

Time to join in with Jenny for Alphabe-Thursday and we are on the letter P.


You might have thought my Lavender Festival shots were finished but not so. Today is perfect timing to share photos from Purple Haze Lavender Farm.

The Lavender Festival in Sequim Washington is always held the 3rd weekend in July.

This year because of our strange weather everything was a bit behind. The lavender was not as robust and full as it was last year. Here are two photos from last year just so you get the picture…

The next photo is approximately the same spot taken this year…

The lavender festival is a wonderful event to experience and if you are ever in Washington State the 3rd weekend in July you should consider it…

I hope to get around soon to see what inspired the rest of you with the letter P!

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

23 thoughts on “Purple Haze ~

  1. Sending a sweet hello from Frog Hollow Pond in New Jersey. Your photos are just wonderful – I could smell that intoxicating lavender scent right through my computer screen. The weather this summer in New Jersey has impacted our vegetable garden significantly – even our zucchini are protesting – and we usually get so many – this year we can actually keep up with them. Your blog is lovely, glad I found you at Alphabet Thursday! Ciao, bella! xxoo

  2. The contrast of the poppies and the nasturtium against the lavender is so gorgeous! It’s hard to decide which flower is one’s favorite when there are so many to choose from!

  3. One of these years I’ll have these things on the calendar and make it down to see the tulips and then the lavender, but for now I’ll enjoy your photos!

  4. I should mark my calendar for next year… 3rd week of July. I never knew we have lavender so profuse here in N. Am. Last year I was in Provence in August, and was disappointed at not being able to see any lavender because they’d all been harvested, sunflowers too. But Washington is much closer from home. Beautiful post!

  5. The poppies with the lavender….stunning. There is a lavender farm close by in Maine and it is open about the same time. The color, the smells are a delight.

  6. What gorgeous lavender fields, Ellen B. but I think the prettiest flower in those fields would be Katie ;-). I always thought lavender needed hot dry climates, but then it grows in England…hum.

    I hope you have a fun Thursday.

    xoxo cori g,

    • Cori G! Sequim is said to be in the Banana Belt area of Washington where they get less rain and more sunshine than other parts of Washington. :0)

  7. Just telling someone in Blogdom that my lavender is not robust either. Mine is just ridiculous at 2 inches high. Wonder what I’ve done wrong.

    Those lavender fields make me wish to visit Washington in July…

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos Ellen, even with the lavender not so full and colorful as last year it still looks fantastic, especially with those red poppies for contrast! And your daughter is gorgeous too…aaah to be young again (if only that were possible and still keep the knowledge of the six decades of life I’ve accumulated!!)

  9. What a perfectly enchanting post! This is lovely. And your happy, beautiful smile just adds to the gorgeous pictures!

    The poppies blooming against that purple are really breath-taking!

    What a lovely link this week.

    Thank you for sharing it!

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