Fun Times in the City of Orange…

Sunday morning we started the day with a trip through Starbucks on our way to Old Towne Orange. We browsed through a couple antique malls and the Army-Navy Store. We later drove to my sisters in Whittier for a family meal with my parents, siblings, and nieces.

It’s always good to see my mom and pop. Mom is having lots of pain in her back and hips and walking is getting more and more difficult for her.

After lunch and lots of lively reminiscing Katie and I headed back to the city of Orange where we are staying. We decided to stop at Orange Hill Restaurant for some refreshment before we settled in for the night.

They take their name seriously here and the fact that they are in the city of Orange. Have you ever seen an orange baby grand piano?

We enjoyed ourselves so much in these orange surroundings we decided to go on Monday night with my nieces who also live in Orange.

It was sunny enough that we had to wear our shades inside for a while until the sun went down some.

Tomorrow our DIL Laura arrives and we are having a bridal shower for Katie. We are looking forward to Katie’s first shower and seeing dear friends and relatives we haven’t seen for a while.

I heard our summer decided to hide again for a few days in the Northwest. I hope it reappears soon…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Fun Times in the City of Orange…

  1. 1. Love that dress Katie is looking at.
    2. Seeing your parents always blesses me. Love your Mom’s radiant smile! I think you have her smile.
    3. Bridal shower – how fun! 🙂 I can’t wait to see pictures.

  2. Being a huge fan of the color orange I think that piano is real improvement over the traditional black.

    Especially if they could make the black keys orange too.

    Your mom and dad are sure a handsome couple!

    Keep having fun in the OC.

  3. Yes, you are taunting us with those shades! Those icy drinks look yummy! We’re still looking for the reappearance of an ‘orange’ thing in the sky up North.

  4. What a memorable time with your daughter. Have fun at the Bridal shower – we had one here on Sunday with all the aunts and cousins – plus three sweet little girls all under a year and enjoying their first girl party. Showers are so filled with hope and celebration.

  5. Who would have thought there was a city of Orange. I’ve heard of Orange County LOL but that’s it. Beautiful photos yet again. Those food and drinks look delish!!! Your mom and pop look good 🙂 Continue having a marvelous time.

  6. Beautiful photos. Never heard of this orange restaurant … orange county yes. Love how your dad carries a little book in his shirt pocket. reminds me of my dad.

  7. Hello Ellen B!
    Looks like you all had a lovely time in the city of Orange. Do you know about the Root beer tasting @ the Grinder Deli? It’s really fun ;-).

    xoox cori g.

  8. Bless your mom….it’s so difficult getting old, yet look at her sweet smile. Fun times in the Orange Hill Restaurant. Seems you are soaking in some summer. PARTAY ON!

  9. Is this in Orange County? Such an interesting place. Looking at the pictures, I can see you’re really enjoying your family summer vacation. You look so much like your parents, esp. your mom. 🙂 What a lovely couple.

  10. Miss told me you were coming and I was like, “Man! I wish I could come meet Ellen!” I know we’ve met in the past, but now that I read your blog I would love to sit and have a cuppa with you in person. Next time I’m in the Great NW I’ll have to look you up. Hope the rest of your stay is enjoyable! And happy birthday to the bro and sis.

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