Late Bloomers…

Here’s proof that things are taking a lot longer to bloom this year…

These photos were taken on July 9, 2010. Hydrangeas, and lavender blooming nicely and apples nice and round. This next mosaic are photos I took today July 10, 2011.

Just one bloom on my hydrangea bush. We have maybe a total of 12 apples on our tree and they all look a bit deformed. The lavender is just starting to show some purple.

Here are other slow bloomers this year…

Blueberries still green…

Lilie’s being reluctant to burst open.

Speaking of late bloomers did anyone watch the U.S.A. vs. Brazil Women’s World Cup Soccer game today? They kept me guessing but late into overtime during 3 added minutes Megan Rapinoe delivered a beautiful ball into the box and Abby Wambach headed it in to tie up the game. The women went on to win the game in penalty kicks! What a game.

And if that wasn’t enough soccer excitement for me our own Sounders beat our arch rivals the Portland Timbers in a back and forth game where we came out one goal ahead! We beat them 3-2. You should have heard the whooping and hollering in my family room today!  Yes soccer is my favorite sport…

I’m joining Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.

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32 thoughts on “Late Bloomers…

  1. At least everything is green and starting to bloom. Things here are turning brown from the drought and I don’t want to talk about my water bill (at least I can still water). Go USA!!!!! Have a delightful week!

  2. Just think…when mine are drooping, yours are going to be starting to bloom. Your lavenders are gorgeous…such a deep color. I am watering twice a day to keep what I have blooming from wilting. It has been hot here in VA. Genie

  3. My daughter was on the edge of her seat watching that game! What a thrill for the American women.

    It’s hot here in NJ, and it seems like things are just a little behind schedule, too. Hope you see some summer soon! xoxo

  4. I am also a soccer fan and watched Team USA win today! What an excitng end to the game –it just goes to show how a team should never give up!

    I’ve also noticed a slower bloom this year –and my tomatoes are not doing well at all 😦

  5. What a neat comparison between the two mosaics! We were getting rains this past week that I feel normally come in June. Seems to me that we’re behind too!

  6. My you guys really are enjoying a slow warm up. I have never in my life watched Soccer. I don’t have a clue how the game is played. It’s big among young children now but wasn’t so much when our girls were little. Hope your week is grand!

  7. Yep, that’s the way my hydrangeas look, too. I just got a Pee Gee hydrangea for Mother’s Day and I didn’t expect it to bloom this year, but low and behold, it’s got those little buds. So excited to see them! (I first discovered the Pee Gee variety on an East Coast trip, blushing pinkish white conical heads…

  8. Wow, what a difference! I haven’t been tracking my hydrangeas as you have, but some of them are Done while the Japanese one has only just begun. Hope you still get the showy performance whenever they decide to start.

  9. I have never had much luck growing hydrangeas so even if yours are late in blooming you are one up on me! The thrill of the soccer game must have been overwhelming. I fear we didn’t know they were playing until the game was over. Still I applaud their win.

  10. I did a ‘flower’ theme too – I’m happy we FINALLY got flowers!!!!! Your hydrangeas are amazing – great collage. The GAME, amazing, amazing, amazing as well – what a thrill. Been awhile since I dropped by (been too busy to even participate lately) – nice to see all is well with my fellow “Montebello girl”!!!!!!

  11. Everything blooming late beats early bloom or no bloom because of sever heat, right? Just hoping our area’s cool early summer doesn’t switch gears into an overly hot late summer.

  12. There’s quite a difference from this year and last. According to “the radio” here locally, our season is officially three weeks behind last year.

  13. Oh yes, we watched that game – we’re addicted here!
    Our garden looks a lot like yours. So sad that my hydrangeas are finally safe from the deer, but haven’t had the sun they need this year.
    Waving at you through the mist from up here……….

  14. your hydrangeas are a beautiful color. Ours did not last long in the extreme heat we had. BTW most of those Beatrix Potter books were my kids from when they were little, but I’ve had fun discovering some in used book stores and adding a few to our collection. Have a great week!

  15. I’m hoping that with things being late it will feel like we get to enjoy them longer, rather than just later.

  16. Yes. ..we will have summer until October ..right? I am amazed too at how late everything is, and yet all of a sudden I think it’s starting to speed grow.

  17. It certainly is late – I keep hoping for summer to really arrive. Today is drizzly and grey on Vancouver Island, and I have a little heater going beside my desk. It’s just not right. But my garden is slowly growing and just needs a little heat and sunshine.

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