Busy In The Kitchen Today…

…preparing for our Resurrection Sunday Celebration. Here’s what we’ll be making ~


Our Russian Easter bread that we call Kulich and my friends call Paska.


And then we’ll make this yummy sweet cheese spread called Seerney Paska to spread on the bread.

Dear will be marinating the lamb that he’ll grill tomorrow. It’s another Russian tradition of ours. The way we’ll be preparing it for tomorrow is in Shish Kebab form which we call Shashlik. My sister Lana will be bringing rice with raisins and almonds and vinagrette, a Russian salad with beets, sauerkraut, pickles, onions, and potatoes. We’ll also have a green salad. Our DIL’s mother will be bringing the strawberries! There will be 9 of us for dinner this year. My mouth is watering already.

We’re going to go to Qwest Field for a big Easter celebration service in the morning that Mars Hill is hosting. It will be cool to be in a stadium with lots of folk praising our Savior together. Oh Happy Day!

Photobucket replaced all my photos with these blurred out versions and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

8 thoughts on “Busy In The Kitchen Today…

  1. Rejoicing with you in the celebration of His love for us! Sounds like a wonderful day! Blessings sweet Ellen, blessings of His best to you!

  2. What a wonderful Easter feast that will be!…some of it reminds me of food we had at my Grandma’s house…
    I also remember horseradish with beets…and the eye-stinging job of grating the fresh horseradish.
    The remnants of that culture at our house are the Pysanky, and we also have pickled herring.
    Enjoy your weekend..Christ is risen!

  3. Sounds delicious, Ellen. Do you read Russian? Interesting that “paska” shows up in the Russian name for the spread that goes on the Easter bread….

    A blessed Easter to you and your family.

  4. Love your pictures Ellen – looks like a wonderful day with family. How did the Mars Hill service go at Qwest field? Did you see our Tim? (grin)

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