Getting Ready…

…for some St. Patrick’s Day Fun.


I’ll be joining Kathleen at Cuisine Kathleen for her St. Patrick’s Day Party on March 15th. I’m partying all month anyway since this is my birthday month. Actually, I’m partying all year because I’m turning the epic age of 60 in 2011!

In the meantime…

Psalm 118:24 (ESV)

This is the day that the LORD has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Lord willing this is what I’ll be doing today…

This morning I’ll be moving like a Latin dance queen at Zumba. There are no mirrors so I can humor myself in thinking that I’ve got the moves. What’s important is that my heart is pumping and I’m burning some calories.

Late morning Katie and I are headed to Crate and Barrel for some light shopping.

At 1:00 we have Katie’s 3rd wedding dress fitting for her alterations. Today is going to be fun because Patty Forte Linna is joining us. She’s an artist and we’ve commissioned her to do a wedding painting. This appointment will be animated for sure!

That will be enough excitement for one day!

What are you doing today?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Getting Ready…

  1. Not doing zumba although I’d love to find a class. Vacuuming, dusting, driving to TO to teach a class, buying frozen blueberries at TJs, studying for Precepts on Friday, waiting the long hours until the Professor arrives home–it’s crunch time before dress rehearsal and opening night. (Check out Ventura County Star today, front page of section B. I wonder if it’s online)

  2. I checked out the artist link….Ellen that is SO COOL to have a painting done. I really liked her paintings…hope we get to see the finished product some day.

  3. ellen, I finally googled Zumba …. oh that looks like fun! I got hot just watching… I wish I could go with you.But since that is not possible I think we will have to fit in some zumba at our next summit.
    Have a great day!

  4. Well, it sounds like you have your day cut out for you! Enjoy it all…Zumba Queen. I’m not sure about Anneliese’s suggestion for including zumba at the next summit. It sounds like work to me.

  5. I’m going to google Zumba too – sounds like something I could use just about now!
    Another wedding dress fitting – wow! I will be wanting to pick your brains when we meet as I think there is a much better selection down your way than here on the island. Not saying that there’s been an announcement, but after 5 years of dating, I’m ready when they are!

  6. A wedding painting is such a GREAT idea. I have never thought of that before. I have planned to get a painted portrait of my little miss in a couple of years, but never thought to do that for her wedding…. I am going to file that for future use while I save up my pennies for the commissioned work!!

    Hope you have a great and fun day.

  7. I love zumba! If only I had a buddy in my classes (in Texas, haven’t found a class here yet)…totally fun way to work out and get in a great mood.

    With the wedding so far out time wise she will likely need additional fittings as the time draws near. How is your dress search coming? You might be getting a few fittings of your own.

    Victoria magazine once covered a wedding artist who was hired to do water color sketches of the day. I thought that would be such a great gift to give to a couple if one was pretty handy with a brush. I am glad you are getting a wedding painting done.

    Will Katie include any Russian heritage touches in her wedding? I don’t know if there are any traditions with Russian weddings but it would be fun to have such things included.

    • The one Russian heritage thing that will be part of the ceremony will be my father giving a hands on blessing of Katie and Andrew.

  8. Your plans for the day sound just lovely. And when I came to your blog page, I was so uplifted by your sweet photo’s of the narcissus in the shamrock bowls! So spring-y.
    So my day was a little less glamourous but satisfying. I taught reading to some kids I adore, played with the dog, and posted a nice soup recipe on my blog. Hubby’s bringing dinner home tonight and we’ll curl up on the sofa to watch American Idol together.

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