FFF ~ Reminiscing…

…to think, talk, or write about remembered events or experiences.


These are all images from my early days in Montebello, California. One of my high school friends posted them on Facebook. It was so much fun to see them and remember the times I spent at each of these spots so many years ago. Some of these buildings do not exist anymore.

1. 31 Flavors on Beverly Blvd. in Montebello ~ My family would stop here growing up. It was always a very exciting time for us kids. We didn’t eat out as a family and to stop and get a treat like this was special. We would get one or two scoops. When we got to have 2 scoops I’d always choose orange sherbet and chocolate chip.

2. Curries Ice Cream Parlor was across the street from my junior high school. At lunch you could get a hot dog, chips, and cherry coke for about 35 cents. I think I only had money for lunch maybe once or twice during my time in junior high. I always had a sack lunch made by my mother. The cherry coke was the kind where they pumped in the cherry flavoring into the coke.

3. The Garmar Theater was the only theater in town. I went a few times with my friends in junior high and high school.

4. Gardunos was a fast food stand a block from my high school. We had an open campus for junior high and high school so we could walk the 1/2 block to Whittier Blvd. and enjoy the food here.


5. In the background of this 2nd photo of Curries Ice Cream you can see the wonderful brick building that was my junior high. It is long gone and has a modern building that looks more like a prison on the property now. I really loved the great old brick building but it didn’t withstand earthquakes well and had to be replaced for the safety of the children going there.

Thank you to Susanne at Living to tell the Story for hosting Friday’s Fave Five. A time to join together and remember our favorites from the past week. Click on the image to join in.

My posts will be getting a bit spotty for the rest of the year. I’ll be concentrating on some holiday baking next week and getting things ready for house guests. Our middle son will hopefully get time off to come from Eastern Washington to spend Christmas here. Our daughter Katie’s fiance Andrew will get leave to come for Christmas. He arrives on Christmas Eve. Katie is very happy about that. Are you staying home or traveling for Christmas? Enjoy!
Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.
About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

24 thoughts on “FFF ~ Reminiscing…

  1. So many miles away, yet memories are very similar! Your pictorial is great. I too loved orange sherbet 🙂

    Your up-coming holiday sounds very special…..don’t have to tell you….enjoy!!!

  2. Did you remember 31 flavors send a card good for a free cone on your birthday? Our whole family would get a cone too. My favorite flavor was rocky road, except at Halloween…then it was double scoop, pumpkin and the dark gray ball called licorice. Grossed most folks out!
    Oh Katie could be a December bride, but it is too soon to do a wedding. Or maybe not…

  3. It is great to have fun memories, or for some just memories at all. I have to look back onto photos and those are my memories. Some of the buildings were much better back then along with your school.

    I love your ice cream story and photo. Happy baking and enjoy all your family that are coming. If you don’t make it back until the new year I’m wishing you a Happy Christmas

  4. What a fun trip down memory lane! I have some facebook pictures featured this week too – from the far north!

    Orange sherbet was one of my favourites too – along with chocolate.

    I’ve never had a cherry coke – read about them in books – but they weren’t available up here.

    Hope you have a wonderful week Ellen! Sounds like I’ll be doing much the same activities – I’ll be thinking of you!

  5. Your 31 flavor ice cream stand makes me think of when we first moved to Florida when I was a kid. We moved to Tampa and discovered an ice cream shop called Dipper Dan’s, also with 31 flavors. This was amazing to me because I had never been to an ice cream shop before! I chose bubble gum ice cream (which in later years I realized was nothing at all like Baskin Robbins bubble gum ice cream).

    We felt like the luckiest kids alive — living in Florida not too far from the beach, and having amazing ice cream!

    Ahh … the memories! Thanks for jogging my memory!

    May you have a wonderful holiday with your children! I pray it will be truly special.

  6. A fun trip down memory lane with you, Ellen. I have “ice cream memories” from childhood too.

    If I don’t connect with you again before Christmas I wish you and your family a very Merry & Blessed Christmas. Thanks for being my blogging friend over the last year!

  7. Always a joy to remember beautiful memories. What wonderful faves these are. How great that your high school friend managed to save these photos. Happy FFF!

  8. How fun to have pictures to go with your mental walk down memory lane.

    I lived in Montebello for kindergarten and 1st grade. My grandpa used to take us to get ice cream whenever he visited. We could have as many scoops as we wanted, one scoop at a time. I think it was at the 31 flavours too. I like the orange sherbet/chocolate chip combo!

    Good luck in getting all your holiday “chores” done without undue stress. Have a blessed Christmas.

  9. Ellen ~ that pictorial of old Montebello made my day! I lived just a block from the junior high school and three or four from the Garmar and Gardunos! (I drive past these landmarks, or ONE that is still standing ~~ at least once a month now . . . . to do my parents’ banking . . . Whittier Boulevard AIN’T WHAT IT USED TO BE!!) Thank you for the most memorable photographs! Nadia

  10. Memories like that are wonderful, I love the old pictures too! My posting is very spotty at this time of year as well (and I honestly don’t think people have as much time to read either!)

  11. Wonderful post, Ellen, It makes me think back tothe ice cream heaven of my childhood in Ontario – Avondale Dairy. My girlfriend and I would ride our bikes there, across the canal bridge and order triple decker cones. Those places from the past bring back some wonderful memories.

  12. Wow, great memories! I graduated from MHS in ’68, and the images seen in the photos here bring back warm memories. Thank you!

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