FFF ~ Light In the Midst of Storms…

Time for a look back over the last week to choose some favorites. Click over to Susanne’s at Living to Tell the Story to join in.

What a weird week here in Southern California. It always throws things off a bit when you start the week off with a holiday and then throw in rain and everything goes amuck. On Monday the U.S. celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day…but I’m getting ahead of myself.


1. On Sunday I traveled across L.A. with storm clouds looming and threatening to spend some family time at my sister Kathy’s house. This is her Son-in-law Ryan with his new little daughter Avery, my grand niece. It was a fun time seeing family and meeting Ryan’s parents who were here from Michigan. My drive home was very slow due to rains and spin outs on the freeway. It was good to get home safe and sound.

2. Dear was away over the weekend and wasn’t arriving back home till Monday night. I decided to give myself a rare treat of an In-N-Out Burger. Yes it was yummy!

3. Knowing that Dear was in Seattle having some great Father-Daughter time over the weekend was a big favorite. He also was able to spend some time with Josh and Laura and deliver Josh’s birthday present. Both our son’s celebrated birthdays this past week…

4. Being able to stay at home during most of the storms and nursing my nasty cough that just wanted to hang on forever. Lots of tea with honey and lemon…


5. There was some light at the end of the day today, promising that the storms will soon pass. My cough has also diminished enough that I can sense healthier days ahead. It’s good to know that there is good in the midst of our struggles and hope at the end of the day, especially on that final day…

Hope all is well in your corner of the world…

Photobucket is holding all my photos that I stored on their site from 2007-2015 hostage replacing them with ugly grey and black boxes and asking for a large ransom to retrieve them. It is a slow process to go through all my posts deleting the ugly boxes.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

26 thoughts on “FFF ~ Light In the Midst of Storms…

  1. I think you have been getting all the rain that was forecast to come our way…and we have had warm temperatures and sunshine. We’re OK with that! Hope your cough is gone soon.

  2. Our weather certainly has been ‘in the midst of the storm’ kind! In’n’Out? I don’t think that would be my choice if The Professor were gone, but I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

  3. Glad you’re feeling better. In’n’Out burgers….GLORY, that is one franchise that I wish would come inland. Those are seriously GREAT burgers…I don’t even remember which one/one’s we had but they were ALWAYS good…we all decided that they wouldn’t be as good here in the Midwest because we felt like they had the freshest vegies…picked out the back door in some local field.

    It always cracks me up to hear the “dying for an In’n’Out” groans in our part of the world….you can tell who has traveled to the coast….and I’ve had GREAT food all over the world but LOTS of us would be with you in treating ourselves to In’n’Out…..although I wonder if not being able to indulge magnifies some mysterious memories to epic proportions…maybe it’s all because we have nothing like it around here….Although a Blanc Burger and Bottles Truffle Burger IS ASTOUNDING. :o)

    Wow, so many thoughts on a burger. Glad you’re surviving the rains….you’ve been sending each storm our way….cleaning our world after our huge snows that left mile high piles for weeks…they were getting pretty ugly. Hope you have a drier weekend!

  4. It’s great to hear the cough is going away. My five-year old loved looking at your beautiful grand niece. He says, “Mommy! small baby!”:) I love quiet moments at home after a storm passes.

  5. Hello Ellen B.!
    I hope you’re staying dry, out of the rain, and feeling better ;-).
    I’ve been trapped in FarmVille and guilty of neglecting all my bloggy buddies…I AM SO SORRY!!!

    I scrolled down your page to look at all your pictures and it looks like you’ve had a fun filled week in spite of all the gloomy weather. Your new checked dishes are super cute!!! They remind me of Bob’s Big Boy.
    Avery is getting so big and cute as well.
    I’m still working on that flier and will send some your way when I’m done. Also, I cut back every other Monday at work. So while I’ve cut back, it’s not a whole lot, but I would still love to get together sometime soon to catch up.

    xoxo cori g.

  6. what’s an In and Out burger? we don’t have that here in NYS..at least not in the Capital Region where I live! Glad you enjoyed the burger!!

    Your weather has made our news several nites now….wow…impressive photos!

    and your grand niece is just adorable!!

    enjoy your weekend…..

  7. I’m glad you’re feeling a little better Ellen.

    We’ve been watching your weather on the news. Time to build an ark πŸ™‚

    The burger joint sounds good – especially since I’m hungry right now.

    Happy weekend!

  8. Happy Birthday to both your boys!

    Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well! Hope it’s over soon.

    I’ve heard of those in n out burgers. Maybe one day I’ll get to try one.

  9. Glad you saw some light at the end of the tunnel..We’ve had light all week. That is so rare. Birthdays? We have a special milestone this week..my daughter..30 It’s always fun and I love to hear how your hubby has bonding times with his daughter. Hope you recover soon.

  10. We’ve had lots of rain here in NoCal as well, and we got caught in it on Monday.

    We love In n’ Out, one of our favorite places to stop when we are out on the road. We usually split the fries though, they are huge!

  11. Ellen, I’m glad you are turning the corner in your neck of the woods both in health and also in weather.
    OH . .now I want an in and out burger .. and we have none.

  12. I forgot that Monday had been a holiday. That is why this week felt so strange, that and all the rain. A cough is the pits, I had a six month cough that is finally gone. In n out is the best, you reminded me that it is time for that again, hope you get outside this weekend.

  13. I love the picture of the water. So beautiful. Glad you were able to stay out of the storms most of the time and try to get better. Hope you’ll continue to recover even more as the weekend goes on!

  14. Lots of tea and honey, that helps! I hope you managed to get rid of that awful cold! Congratulations to your sons birthdays! I love the cloudy skies you captured, stormy skies make the most dramatic pictures, don’t they?
    Have a great weekend!

  15. I’ve never had an in-n-out burger but I’ve heard they are excellent. Great FFF my friend. Have a wonderful weekend and these photos as usual are excellent πŸ™‚

  16. It’s so stressful to drive in rain — glad you made it home safely and that you’re feeling better.

    I’ve never been to In-and-Out, but my son spent four summers in CA and loved them.

  17. Loved all the photos but the last one was gorgeous!

    Happy to hear the blue skies came back in S CA today …I think we’re getting the storm that left you here tomorrow…thnakfully it won’t be cold enough to turn it into snow!

  18. I know this response is late…but I’m just getting back to “normal”!!
    1. LOVE that picture of Ry and Avery…she is a precious baby!
    2. We had to have In-N-Out the night we arrived in Cali!!!
    3. I was so great meeting you face-to-face and Vera, and Kelly, and Letty, and…and…and…Kathy is a gracious host!
    4. Am glad you are feeling better..and glad your hubby is back from the North!!
    signed…Avery’s Grandma πŸ˜€

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