Personality Meme ~ I’ve been Tagged!

Arti at Ripple Effects has tagged me for a little meme all about my strange personality…

Arti is a very thoughtful blogger who posts great reviews of the arts in film and literature…

Thank you Arti.

Now to try to identify some personality traits of mine…

1. I tend to be compliant and a people pleaser generally. Over the years I have learned to set boundaries and I’ve become quite good at saying no. I do not compromise on my firm beliefs, though. If you want me to identify a couple of my firm beliefs I can be bold enough to do that.

#1 Accepting Jesus and His sacrifice on our behalf on the cross is the only way to peace with God and an eternal place in Heaven with Him.

#2 Abortion is the wrong choice.

2. I enjoy celebrating life with new experiences which seem to always revolve around good food and good sights and good conversation. I wonder why I’m not losing weight. :0)

3. I tend to smile a lot and am a positive person most of the time.

4. I’m a communicator. I do not like to be uninformed especially about personal things with family and friends. I’m generally the link in the family to news. I also get really pissed upset if I’m left out of the loop or I find out someone died after the funeral or was in the hospital after the fact. Come on people communicate, ask for prayer, let us serve you.

5. Worship and learning something new from God’s Word (The Bible) is very important to me and I feel disconnected without some good input every week or every day. Learning new things in general keeps me happy.

6. I love to be generous. I love to buy gifts for people. I love to feed people extravagantly.

7. I enjoy good books. Most of the books I really love are by authors who are dead. I’ve been known to cry at the end of a book because it is written so well! (like LOTR or Chronicles of Narnia or Anne of Green Gables)

So that’s it and you’ve gotten a taste of what ellen b. is like even if some of these aren’t about personality. Oh and to set the record straight I’m a whole lot more interesting on the page then in person…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Personality Meme ~ I’ve been Tagged!

  1. Your #4 is one that I admire most about you. Your blog stands as a testament to the communication that you seek to keep between yourself and family members. I feel a bit voyeuristic when reading your blog, peeking in at the weddings and showers and funerals and get-togethers. But I also feel thankful for the essence of family that you remind me through your blog to continue amongst my own.

  2. Yes, this is the Ellen I know and love, and love to walk with in God’s wonderful creation! Enjoy your family times!

  3. Ellen,

    This is wonderful! Thanks for doing this meme… it’s always risky to reveal oneself, but you’ve done it with great conviction and boldness. I’ve appreciated that. And, what a sweet photo you have posted … I can tell from reading your blog that such sweetness has followed you all the years.

  4. Ellen, this is a fantastic post. I like the direction you took in attempting to describe your own personality. I think your generosity in many areas are a testament to the grace you have received.

  5. I enjoyed reading more about what you’re really like! I feel the same way for most of these, but especially #4; I experienced it again yesterday.

  6. I’d like to say I learned something new about you, but it would not be true! Your blog shows how you live your life quite clearly. You are genuine here, as in ‘real life’, too, I’m sure!

  7. You are my role model, Ellen!!! Thank you for blessing me in ways only heaven will reveal! I have been a recipient of your generous spirit, and I am blessed and encouraged by your example.

  8. You go Ellen B.!!!! These are great personality traits and yes, they are personality traits. Many of them I can identify with myself ;-), but unfortunately I haven’t quite got the NO thing down, but I’m working on it…hee hee!

    Ferry’s and boat rides…I think we’re going to take the ferry out of Anacortes (?) and stop at some of the islands. Have you ever taken the ferry from there? My friend Nancy said we must go through Deception Point, so we’re going through Deception Point. I can’t say no to Nancy…LOL!!!!

    Have a wonderful evening and I hope it’s cooling down up there.

    xoxo Cori G.

  9. What a cute picture of you, Ellen! But I don’t think I really learned much more about you than comes across here on your blog. That tells me that you are also a very open, honest person. Another admirable trait.

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