I’ll Count My Blessings ~ Hymn

I’ll Count My Blessings

I lift my heart today in praise
To Him Who loves me so,
Whose mercy crowneth all my days,
And makes my cup o’erflow.
O have I loved Him as I should
For all His blessings free?
Praise God Who giveth naught but good,
For He is good to me!


I’ll count my blessings—
Count them o’er and o’er—
I’ll tell my Father’s goodness—
I will love Him more,
I’ll count my blessings, bountiful and free—
Yet I can never count them all—
So good is God to me!

I thank Him for unclouded skies—
For love beyond my ken—
That when my path in shadow lies,
The sunshine comes again.
I thank Him for the hopes fulfilled—
For every answered plea,
That though life was not all I willed,
My God is good to me!


I go to meet another year,
With faith no doubt can dim,
God reigneth, and I will not fear,
But trust my way with Him.
Then if that way be bright or dark,
Let peace unshaken be!
And let me, like the soaring lark,
Sing “God is good to me!”


Words: Car­rie E. Breck (1855-1934).

Music: George B. Hol­sing­er (1857-1908) (MI­DI, score).

ht: Cyberhymnal

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

6 thoughts on “I’ll Count My Blessings ~ Hymn

  1. What a LOVELY post to encounter this Sunday morning. Thank you!
    I dropped by to let you know I’ve left the Van Gogh’s Ear Award for you at Small Reflections because you’re one of the most creative bloggers I know! You might enjoy the Apricot Roses I shared at Happily Retired Gal too ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Good morning Ellen B.,

    It is so true that we don’t know what a new year will bring and whether we’ll falter in our faith, but God is greater and can keep us on His steadfast path. I must be related to the author who wrote the hymn…my maiden name in Hilsinger and there are many variations of its spelling.

    Is your picture from Washington or California? I always love when the clouds look like pink popcorn.
    Have a blessed day of rest.

    🙂 Cori G.

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