Friday’s Fave Five

Susanne from Living to Tell the Story is the hostess for Friday’s Fave Five. Click on over to view more Fave Fives or to join in the fun…

Well it’s no secret that all my favorites this week are from the state of Washington. It’s been so good to spend some time in my home here with my children and extended family. So here are the 5 in no particular order.

1. Seeing everyone cuddled up on my couch in my Family room.

2. The view from my stairwell window of the maple tree and sky. The maple tree is in my neighbor’s yard but she shares all her fallen leaves in my yard. :0)

3. Family willing to pose in whacky places for this blogger!!

4. My home all decorated for Christmas with the fireplace on.

5. Goodwill in Washington. I bought 10 of these green goblets that we’ve used twice already! The Goodwills in Washington are so great compared to California…

Today is my last full day in the Seattle area with some last minute things that need to be done. I hope to get around and see everyones Fives sometime today. Have a wonderful weekend.

17 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I LOVE the penguin picture. More than any other blogger you have awakened me to really look around my world with more detail and intent. I think it’s been wonderful. My family is not sure whether they like it or not. So many times on our 12 hour road trip drive home I wanted to stop and take a picture. They shut me down. I was afraid they were going to take the camera. “MOM, it’s going to take us a week to get home”! 🙂 Can’t wait to see San Fran pictures from you celebration weekend. Rejoicing with you guys over many years of joy.

  2. These are great. Evokes great memories for you. Love it. Don’t forget to celebrate my birthday while you are in SF. Have a safe trip and a wonderful time.

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