Out of the Pan Into the Fire…Sylmar Firestorms


Sheesh! I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but Southern California is experiencing yet another State of Emergency with a fire in Sylmar. This photo is not from the Sylmar fire but just a visual to give you an idea of the type of area they are dealing with today. Right now every freeway in the North San Fernando Area is shut down so the fire department can have easy access to the fires. The fire jumped the I-5 fwy and the 210 freeway.  So Interstate 5, 405, Highway 14, the 210 fwy, are all shut down in the North San Fernando Valley. The 118 fwy in the San Fernando area is shut down, too. The only north/south freeway that is open right now is the 101 fwy. The 101 fwy runs along the coast and then heads southeast through the southern part of the San Fernando Valley, through Hollywood, into East L.A.


We were going to be driving south today to a birthday party in Whittier but we are now staying put even though the freeway closest to us is the 101, the open freeway. We figure everyone else who tries to go south or north today will try to get to our freeway and what a nightmare it might be trying to travel. We in the Southern California area are also being asked to really conserve electricity because two major electricity converters/transformers were damaged in this fire and they are concerned about electricity suppy. We are expecting the temperatures today, because of our Santana wind conditions, to be in the 90’s! We are hoping that the winds die down soon so firefighters can get a handle on this devastating fire. One whole mobile home park has been totally destroyed (600 mobile homes). We’re praying for the comfort of everyone who suffers loss and for the fire fighters to have extraordinary strength to keep fighting…

Yikes! Now there is a fire in Yorba Linda and people are evacuating to Esperanza High School. The School where my niece teaches…

Anaheim Hills is now sitting on pins and needles. My BIL and his wife live there. They have a reservoir behind their home and I just got off the phone with them listening to the helicopters overhead gathering whatever water they can from that very low reservoir. They are not in danger unless the fire jumps the 91 fwy. Boy oh boy, things are scary for a lot of people in Southern California right now…

Whoa! Now the evacuations in Brea are getting close to my parents. They haven’t been told to evacuate yet but the evacuation area is about 2 miles from their senior apartments. They are getting their documents together and leaving to go to my sisters house in Whittier.

Photos from my niece Annie driving home to Anaheim Hills and then a photo of the helicopters coming to the reservoir behind their home retrieving water…


The 91 fwy. at Imperial in Anaheim Hills/Yorba Linda


The reservoir behind their home in Anaheim Hills…

The Corona Fire which jumped to the Yorba Linda Fire and then jumped to the Anaheim Hills Fire and moved on to the Brea and Chino Hills Fire is now threatening parts of Diamond Bar. The 57 freeway remains closed. The Sylmar fire is looking good. The winds seem to be cooperating better today although there are still gusts.

As far as the Tea Fire goes here is an update from this morning.

By and large, last night was quiet and today, the fourth day of the Tea Fire, should see further recovery efforts by firefighters. So far, 1,940 acres have burned and 210 homes have been lost — 130 in the City of Santa Barbara and 80 in the County of Santa Barbara. Damage assessment is continuing.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage and demanding a ransom for me to access them. I’m slowly cleaning up many of my posts where PB have added ugly black and grey boxes where my photos used to be. So frustrating!

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

21 thoughts on “Out of the Pan Into the Fire…Sylmar Firestorms

  1. I know California is LARGE but I keep thinking after so many years of drought and BIG fires how much more can there be to burn—I know not realistic but it does amaze me. At least where my brother lives in Colorado a burned area comes back so much healthier—don’t know if that happens out in California. Fires, tornados, hurricanes—living with nature is hard at times. Praying for lives to be spared.

  2. These fires are so scary. Our son was telling us last night how the fires were surrounding Pepperdine University campus one year when he was there. We lived in southern California for many years, and those Santa Ana winds are so bad. I feel sorry for all those who have lost houses in this fire. The one in Santa Barbara was terrible too. My kids used to live in Whittier.

  3. Just as I was reading about the fires on your post, I happen to notice that I had an email from my husband’s sister. My husband’s brother and sister-in-law(the ones we visited on our recent trip 2 weeks ago and stayed at their house) were evacuated and my sister-in-law fell in the process and had to go to emergency. Right now I don’t know the results, but possible broken toes from the fall. Yikes!! Feels so strange since we were just there. Also the house across the street from them caught fire and burnt to the ground. So scary!

  4. Hi Ellen B.,

    I didn’t leave either as the winds were whipping and I hate the winds! One of my friends is in Fullerton and they are now under warning of evac.
    I’ll keep your family in prayer.
    xo Cori G.

  5. Ellen, my heart stops just thinking of such losses. I have a dear friend in LA and I am not sure which area. I am praying for the Lords help in this situation. I am going to call her right now. Thank you for the news. I pray you and your family are safe from the fires.


  6. Oh my, I missed your blog the past few days as we got back into the swing of things so I had no idea what was going on in CA! I will definitely be praying for your family, friends and all those who live/d in the various areas that the fire has effected/is effecting.

    Blessings, Kim

  7. Dear Ellen…I have been away only a couple of days..up the mountian to the little girls ballet concert…and I come home and find all this has happened to you….I scrolled down and it was all just too heart breaking to read…

    So I pray for you all…that the fires might be under control by now…

    Love and prayers, Annie

  8. The pictures remind me of the San Diego County fires of last year. It is horrifying what fire can do with a little help from the Santa Anas. I grew up in So Calif, and never remember such destructive fires as now.
    Of course I didn’t think about the tornadoes and hurricanes either, which now seem to do a death romp across our country regularly now.

    Do take care to LEAVE when it looks like it MIGHT get close…at least then you are likely to get a hotel room if you need one.

  9. i’m praying for all of you with the wild fires. i know how devastating and scary natural disasters can be. your pink post was so sweet. what wonderful treasures and memories you have. happy pink week and i’ll keep you all in my prayers.

  10. I’ll be praying for your family, Ellen! There was a fire in Palos Verdes in the Hawthorne/PCH area and we got ash all over our car and the air was smokey all afternoon. At first we thought it was smoke from Sylmar but quickly realized that the wind direction was wrong.

    Last year in San Diego, my MamaMia was packed ready to leave…

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