Ruby Tuesday ~ Matryoshka Doll


My heritage is Russian and I have a collection of Russian Keepsakes around my home. This is one of my Matryoshka Nesting Dolls that my mother and father bought in Russia a few years back.

A set of matryoshkas consists of a wooden figure which can be pulled apart to reveal another figure of the same sort inside. It has, in turn, another figure inside, and so on. The number of nested figures is usually five or more. The shape is mostly cylindrical, rounded at the top for the head and tapered towards the bottom, but little else; the dolls have no hands (except those that are painted). Traditionally the outer layer is a woman, dressed in a sarafan. Inside, it contains other figures that may be of both genders, usually ending in a baby that does not open. The artistry is in the painting of each doll, which can be extremely elaborate.

Matryoshkas are often designed to follow a particular theme, for instance peasant girls in traditional dress, but the theme can be anything, from fairy tale characters to Soviet leaders.

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Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage and demanding a ransom for me to access them. I’m slowly cleaning up many of my posts where PB have added ugly black and grey boxes where my photos used to be. So frustrating!

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21 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday ~ Matryoshka Doll

  1. These dolls are nice, and when our kids were little, it was a surprise to them when a smaller doll would be inside, and another, etc. I must say that where one doll is great, several dolls are even more fun. Until all the dolls were lost. A collectible vs a toy. The toy won out…

  2. I was in Russia in 1975. Amazing times. I have no idea why I didn’t buy a set of those back then. I did buy a wonderful blue tea set in Poland. I love when the Matryoshkas have such tiny dolls included.

  3. You’ve got a beautiful set of Matryoshka dolls.
    I love these dolls, my dad got them for me when I was really young. The tiniest one is missing from the set and there’s no way I can replace it.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday Ellen!

  4. We were at Disneyland at Tuesday the 4th. I was surprised how many people were there that day. That is cool that you take time to walk along the beach every week. Thanks for visiting me. Oh I love the nesting dolls. So pretty!

  5. Thanks for telling us all about the dolls. I have a set my neighbour gave me after one of her trips…and you know, despite all the times the grandkids and others have played with them, I couldnt tell you whether each one was slightly different from the other..I must go look
    Thanks ellen!


  6. My maternal grandparents came to the US from Russia. Unfortunately they needed to leave quickly and took very little with them. I remember my Nana talking about these dolls.

    They are beautiful and you presented them perfectly!

  7. Beautiful and delightful! I recently visited a friend who has a row just like yours — on the top of her living room valence for all to enjoy.

    Thanks, too, for the Bavarian Apple Pie recipe. Looks delish!


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