Blue Monday ~ The Blue Pacific

This week for Smiling Sally’s Blue Monday Challenge I’m showing you the rewarding views of the Pacific Ocean Dear and I got to see after hiking up just .7 miles off of the main Sycamore Canyon Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains. Even though it’s only .7 miles you are going UP so we get a lot of huffing and puffing in. But look at the sight at the top of the trail!


We like to do this hike anytime but summer. When the weather is cool there are less bugs, less heat (obviously) and less chance of running into a rattlesnake (maybe).


Too see more Blue visit Sally here.

Update: I’m leaving early this morning to take my mom to the hospital for my dad’s emergency gall-bladder surgery. Please pray for him. I won’t be around a computer today.

Photobucket is holding my photos hostage from 2007-2015 and replacing them with an ugly black and grey squares demanding money to release them, so frustrating.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

32 thoughts on “Blue Monday ~ The Blue Pacific

  1. Praying for your dad and for you on the LA freeways.

    Since blue is my favorite color and that spot on the Pacific Ocean is also a favorite, I’m loving these photos.

  2. Greetings from Finland and prayers for your dad and warm thoughts to you and your mom.

    Your photos gives so good feeling especially now, when we are waiting for our first snow!
    Our latitude is somewhere between Fairbanks and Anchorage 🙂

    With best wishes

  3. Lovely Pacific blues! I too so love the ocean! I walk the beach all weathers ~ almost every weekend! Never tire of it!

    Healing thoughts for your Dad!

  4. When we look at views like this one, we think of God, as He created it. So, it’s an easy transition to pray for your dad. I hope that today goes well. Happy Blue Monday!

  5. Your pictures are awsome! They are all very beautiful. I can see why you like to hike there. I will be praying for your father. Please let us know how he does.

  6. Your pictures of the Pacific Ocean are beautiful. We visited San Francisco and I was amazed at the difference between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Your family is in my prayers.

  7. My thoughts are with you and your dad for his surgery…*tight hugs*…

    Your pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing these lovely blue skies and the whole scenery is lovely. There are rattlesnakes..(maybe)..yikes.
    Lovely pictures

    All good thoughts.

  8. Beautiful pictures! Hubby and I are from Santa Barbara and lived 13 years in the Seattle area (Redmond, exactly), now we live in Oregon. He misses the sun and sandy beaches of southern Calif.
    Believing for the best for your dad today. Happy Blue Monday.

  9. Good morning, Ellen – I see I have quite a few posts to catch up on, goodie!

    Lovely blue shot of the Pacific — that shade of blue is so pretty it makes me want to sing! 🙂

  10. THose pictures are simply gorgeous!!!! What a view. I can see why summer would be the less desirable of time for hiking.

    My prayers are with your family!

    take care,

  11. Oh, Ellen. I hope and pray that things go well with your father’s surgery. I will keep you all in my prayers.

    Your pictures are stunning, and I’m sure actually being there was something you will always remember.

  12. AWake in the night, and praying for you Ellen…and for your Mum and Dad…and for the fires in LA…heard about them on the news…waiting for the 4am news form New York…not long to go…Annie Thanks for the lovely “blue” pikkies. Wonderful!

  13. Hi Ellen,

    Your photos are stunning. What a beautiful view to see. Seeing something that beautiful would totally make the hike worth while.

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos with us today.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!!

  14. Ellen,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with your dad and mom. May he have a speedy recovery. I hope all goes well.

    Please keep us posted.



  15. Ellen, I am praying for your dad’s surgery to be a success today.

    Your blue Pacific photos are wonderful. thank you for sharing such a beautiful of the Pacific Ocean.


  16. I’m running late for blue monday…my apologies.. I love your photos, that is the most beautiful shade of blue. And I so hope that all went well and your father is on the mend.

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