The Pouring Teapot ~ Tea Blogathon

This week’s Gracious Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Thon is all about Teapots. Share your teapots and any stories behind them.

This was the first teapot I ever owned. Royal Albert Moss Rose. I bought a complete tea set when travelling to the UK on a Christian music tour/outreach in 1973.

These are the dishes I registered for when Dear and I set our wedding date. They are Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne. I did not register for China. I was happy to get both of these teapots as wedding gifts.


Dear and I bought this teapot in 1975 after we were married. It has a cylinder that you put the tea leaves in and it sets right down into the boiled water and the tea steeps without a tea leaf issue when you pour the tea into the cup. I don’t have access to the teapot right now to show you the cylinder.

When my parents were in their 70’s they went back to their hometowns in Russia and started a church and ministry to their relatives and others who lived in their village. These teapots were a gift to Dear and I from them from Russia. You would use the large one for hot water and the small one for a strong steep of tea.

They also brought us back the red and gold samovar. The Samovar on the right is a purchase I made from Goodwill. The little metal samovar is a gift from my SIL.

This teapot is a gift from my good friend Jody. She purchased it on a mission trip to China.

I found out during the blogathon that this teapot is from a nesting set of 3 pots and this is probably the creamer. It’s from Japan made in the ’30’s.

I purchased this during the blogathon at TJMax because of the English tourist spots pictured on it. Did I mention that I love the UK and love travelling there?

On Mother’s Day I purchased this Teapot at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I just read The Wind in the Willows for the first time this year and this teapot seemed perfect to remember my quest to read Children’s Classics in 2008.

Last but not least, I finally made the plunge and bought myself an electric tea kettle this year. It’s fabulous. The water heats so quickly and I don’t have to worry about leaving the flame on under the kettle!

To see more Teapot Stories visit LaTeaDah at Gracious Hospitality.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage and they have blacked them all out. I’m slowly working at restoring my posts without their help. Such a tiresome bother!

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

26 thoughts on “The Pouring Teapot ~ Tea Blogathon

  1. Sometimes I think we are twins, Ellen! Except I don’t have a samovor — but have loved them for a long time! I just bought myself a new electric tea kettle (similar to yours). And I love the Asian teapot (I have a little collection of Japanese and Chinese teapots). English china — always a favorite. My Royal Albert pattern is Old Country Roses. I do have a teacup in your pattern, though, so if I ever come for tea (smile) I will bring it along. I love my clear teapot like yours — except I’m always afraid I might break it so save it for special occasions. I have a little warmer that holds a candle that fits under mine. My Pfaltzgraff tea set is Folk Art — but I do have a Yorktowne teapot like yours from my mom’s collection. I do not have a Russian hot water pot and strong tea pot like your pair. They are absolutely beautiful! You have a lovely collection of tea ware!

    Thank you for sharing all your b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l teapots!

  2. Wow, I love your teapot collection. They are so beautiful. BTW, just to let you know that my header photo is indeed taken from the ferry at Whidbey Island. 🙂

  3. Your collection is wonderful. I have never seen the clear pot like that…..and boy would I love the electric tea pot. I have never seen that either…guess I need to shop MORE! Haven’t got my teapots up yet….but will soon….thanks for sharing your beautiful ones!!

  4. I just loved looking at your fine collection of teapots. They range from gorgeous to very unique and interesting. I also enjoyed the story of your parents returning to Russia. That’s amazing that at a time of life when a lot of people feel like they’ve lived all they’re going to live, they started something new to help others. Way to go!

  5. Wow!!! Ellen, I absolutely LOVE your teapots!!!! What a collection you have!! Thanks for sharing. I would have to say my favorite is of course the Moss Rose!

  6. In college I had one of those electric tea kettles and loved it. I wasn’t a coffee drinker then, but hot tea and hot chocolate saved my sanity more than once. This is a gorgeous collection. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Ellen,

    Just saw your comment on my blog! It’s ALWAYS great to hear from you! 🙂 I am actually working with those fabrics as I type…. I have sooo much to do in order to meet the mid-June deadline. If you remember, please pray that I would be able to do it.


  8. What a wonderful collection of teapots! I love that you shared them “in one fell swoop”! I would love to hear more about your parents trip to their homeland and their ministry…Maybe another post?
    I’ll have my teapot post up later today…

  9. You have an absolutely fascinating and varied tea pot collection! I love all the stories that your tea pots tell. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Ellen, Your teapots are absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful collection you have. Thank you for sharing. I especially love the samovars. They are so unigue and different.

  11. LOL – I have the Royal Albert Moss Rose also, which I purchased at an auction. It came in a box of dishes and I only paid $15.00 for the entire box. I also have the nesting teapot – what a strange looking animal this is. My son gave it to me for Mother’s Day more than 20 years ago because he thought it was funny. You have a nice collection. I do not think I will be able to participate in this as I only have this evening for blogging matters. I have ballgames the rest of the week and I need to pack for vacation. But thank you for telling me about it. Cricket

  12. I have no clue which I like best! They are all fantastic!
    O.k..well, the wind in the willows one is my favorite..i love that book!
    I saw the pot to your creamer on ebay last week. 🙂

  13. Oh, Ellen, I love your tea pots! Each one is so interesting and different. Really great post – I enjoyed reading the descriptions and history of each pot…Kathy@ Mimi’s Garden

  14. Hi Ellen,
    What a beautiful collection! I’ve never seen the Rose Moss pattern before. The colors are gorgeous! Your tea pot from China is especially beautiful.

  15. Ellen, that is a sensational collection you have – all so different, and from so many countries! I’ve never seen such a variety!

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