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66 thoughts on “WW ~ Tax Day Comfort Food!

  1. It’s the last day for Income Tax submission in Singapore today….. and I’ve not done it yet! *braincells.missing*

    Can I have some bites out of those once I’m done e-filing my taxes? πŸ˜›

  2. I’ll have a little of that. . our taxes aren’t due until the end of the month .. .
    I’ll have a little of that each day until the end of the month .. smirk.

  3. I totally agree with you…except I don’t think I got the chance to eat today.

    I bought a French Fry at mcD at midnight. Yeah, it’s so healthy, I’m guaranted to go back to size 6 if I keep this up. NOT!

  4. Is that a margarita showing? Ahem… would make for an interesting form when you were all said and done. Hee hee

    I forgot it was tax day. Dear does our taxes the instant the W2 hits the mailbox. Did I mention tha Dear does the taxes?

    I have done them exactly once in my whole life. I was 19. It took forever. I value Dear for his looks and for his ability to do the paperwork.

    Happy Tax Day!

  5. Woo-hoo!! If that’s how we’re eatin’, I say “BRING ON TAX DAY!!!” Have a good one! (ours is on the 30th ~ you’re welcome to bring some leftovers…)

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