Meme ~ Defined…

Indefinite pronoun
Même as an indefinite pronoun means the same.
C’est le même. It’s the same.
Elles sont toujours les mêmes. They’re always the same.

So a Meme is something that is the same and goes around bloggy world.

Before the noun, même means same:
C’est la même chose ! It’s the same thing!
J’ai lu le même livre. I read the same book.
Il aime les mêmes programmes. He likes the same programs

So for all y’all out there who were wondering what the heck meme means I hope this clarifies. I have the lovely Katie B. to thank for setting me on the right track for this word. And here’s a treat for reading this…


ht: for definitions

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12 thoughts on “Meme ~ Defined…

  1. That Katie bug! She’s a smart cookie!

    You forgot one thing in your post – how do you pronounce the darn word!

    Nice treat – I love the way you took the pic!

  2. I was wondering what that word was all about…thanks, Katie! 🙂

    SO glad you’re feeling better! Missed you on Tuesday but looking forward to tea today!

  3. What a beautiful flower….you took the picture so well. I would like to learn how to do that!! Is that a close up of a petunia? A very special petunia?
    Thanks for checking in on me! I have been rewriting my entry. It seems I must mess with it several times before I like it and it gets posted before I’m not quite done.

    Wedding flowers make me happy inside….and happy to share with others!!

  4. I LOVE the flower picture- just beautiful ! Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, re: my Russian roots. Mom was Byelo-Russian, and a DP in Germany when dad was stationed there, looking for an Orthodox church. Dad’s dad came over as a teenager, right before the Revolution w/ a brother and an Orthodox priest, for religious freedom. One of my earlier posts has info about my background. We were raised bi-lingually, and all dabble in 3+ languages. Le fleur et magnifique!

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