Before Green Gables ~ Review

Before Green Gables

The Prequel to Anne of Green Gables

by Budge Wilson

I finished this wonderful book this week. If you are an Anne fan and have been skeptical of this book put your skepticism aside. You can enjoy Budge Wilson’s talent to bring Anne’s days before Green Gables alive, heartwarming, tear jerking, endearing Anne to us again. I love the other characters she weaves into the story during this time period in Anne’s life, too.

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5 thoughts on “Before Green Gables ~ Review

  1. I never read Ann of Green Gables – I should put that on my list. Of course, then I’d need to ask you – what order should I read the books in, prequal first or second? Thanks! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the review. I’ve put this on my TBR list but have been wondering if it would be a good book or not. I recently started re-reading a lot of my L.M. Montgomery Books.

  3. I read the Green Gables series years ago and watched
    all of the series on PBS. I was recently given the Beyond
    Green Gables book as a gift. I devoured it in 2 1/2 days.
    It is wonderful and the author does so much justice to
    L M Montgomerys musings. I would recommend this to
    anyone. I have now begun to reread the entire series and rewatch the movies. To anyone, ‘enjoy’ it is worth it.

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