TT #24 ~ Antique Easter Postcards

All of these postcards are from 1909-1915 and were sent to Dear’s Great, great, Aunt Emma during those years.


A Happy Easter ~ May He who rose this Easter morn Descend in Love and keep and bless thee.









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28 thoughts on “TT #24 ~ Antique Easter Postcards

  1. THey are so lovely. I love the one with the girl, the rake and the chicks. But, “hearty greetings?!” What does that mean, in terms of Easter? Maybe a Thanksgiving card… funny.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these treasures. I loved all of them. I am always partial to lilies of the valley and angel. 🙂 How nice to have such beautiful heirlooms handed down.

  3. Beautiful cards.

    I have a tin box of letters and cards from my grandparents. I must look to see if there are any Easter ones – most are Christmas cards, sympathy cards and holiday (vacation) cards. Thanks for the inspiration to look them out.

  4. These are the prettiest Easter cards I have ever seen. The colors, textures, lettering. the sentiments………it is all really special! Bless you great, great, aunt Emma for saving them.

  5. Okay. I am amazed. Amazed by how cool these cards are. Amazed that you have them. Good thing you have that barn…

  6. LOVE this post – I adore antique anything and the other day I saw some antique bunnies at a store called Razmatazz. I wanted to fill my whole house with the stuff — he sells them for about $100 a pop though. So, I guess I should just visit your blog for similar posts and move on. Happy TT!

  7. Beautiful collection. I truly enjoy looking at antique greeting cards. I also enjoy reading the notes on them. Kind of a peek into someone else’s way of life.

  8. Aren’t they all so beautiful? I love the victorian ways from long ago. And I’m glad to still see the popularity. That is really cool to have them in your possession. [I really like the Easter one with the red orchid!!]

    Sorry, I’m kinda late getting around to visiting. We had a huge storm move through our area, and the computer wasn’t in operating order ’til just now.

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