I Was Tagged! (Thank Goodness it’s not Graffiti!)

 Angie at Bloggin daz has tagged me for a meme with these questions that she has come up with…

1. Are you rooting for the Patriots or Giants?

Go Giants!
b. Go Patriots!

c. No strong feelings either way, but should be a good game

d. The what?

I’m torn, I’m amazed that the Patriot’s have had a perfect season and that it would make history for them to win but then the real fan (my daughter) is rooting for the Giants so heck, I guess I’ll say Giants…

2. Seven choices of vacation. Pick one:

a. Beach house, white sand, great waves

b. Condo in the mountains; view of snowy peaks

c. Nice hotel in New York City with tickets to the latest Broadway show

d. Tour of historic sites and museums in Greece and Italy
e. Bed and breakfast with time for antiquing
f. Home–sleeping in, hanging out, and doing stuff you don’t usually have time to do
g. I prefer not to take vacations.

I’m going to say (d) the tour of historic sites and museums in Greece and Italy. I am more comfortable visiting countries where English is spoken but Italy and Greece have so much history that I’m sure I would enjoy them...

3. Coffee drinker? If no, why? If yes, sugar, cream, or neither?

Yes, at least 12 oz. of coffee every morning before 8 am black!

4. What’s the last book you read (or are you in the middle of reading)?

I have finished Hood by Stephen Lawhead and I’m currently reading Pilgrim’s Inn by Elizabeth Goudge. Goudge is one of my new favorite authors.

5. You’re at the grocery store, waiting in the check-out line with a cart full of stuff. You glance over your shoulder for a moment, wondering whether you should have picked up an extra package of waffles. When you turn around, you notice that a lady has cut in line in front of you. Your eyes meet. She glowers and starts to put her items on the belt. You:

Grumble to yourself but don’t say anything out loud. You dislike scenes.
b. Say, “Excuse me, ma’am, but I was next in line.” That’s about as far as you’d take it, though.

c. March over to the belt, push her items onto the floor, and tell her that she and her cream of mushroom soup can go get in line like everybody else.

d. Grab y
our cell phone and snap a picture of the lady, thinking “Yes! I’ve got something good to blog about!”

Oh absolutely (d) since I’ve been bloggin for almost a year now this would be a great post. Also when I’m walking in the Spirit these little inconveniences don’t bother me as much as they used to…

6. Please share two or three links of things that made you laugh. Out loud. A blog post, a cartoon, a YouTube clip–whatever.


I’m a real dweeb with linky kind of things but this one I’ve shared is very funny in my opinion.

thanks Angie!

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

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