WFMW ~ Backwards Day

So it’s January and all minds shift to eating less and getting into shape. I got confused over the holidays and thought I was a bear getting ready to hibernate. Needless to say I put on a few! So it’s high time to stop watching people exercise and to exercise myself. See my 5# weights are all ready to go.

I would like someone out there to recommend a good workout video to me. Nothing too strenuous. I don’t have any equipment and can’t fit any in my condo. So a workout DVD without needing equipment other than weights. Something easy for me to follow along with. Anyone, anyone???

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27 thoughts on “WFMW ~ Backwards Day

  1. Ellen, I have Leslie Sansone’s “Walk away the Pounds” and I use hand weights with it…there are 3 dvds in the set I purchased. One mile, two miles and a killer three mile workout. Sort of like step without the step. 🙂 I love them.

  2. I have exercised for years to Cindy Crawford’s DVDs. They require little or no equipment and she and her trainers make everything look doable and fun.

  3. I’ve been thinking about doing some exercise at home, just thinking mind you 😉

    I’ll be back later to see if you get any more suggestions.

  4. I love the Walk Away the Pounds videos. I also really like Leslie Sansone’s You Can Do series for abs, pilates, and yoga (the yoga one is my favorite).

  5. Well, I don’t have a video…but what I do to maintain my weight is walk, walk and WALK. Also, before a meal, I drink a whole bottle of water to curb my appetite, that way I’m not eating large portions of anything because the water fills me up BEFORE I eat.

    Also….LOVE your wordless wednesday.
    That’s is super. I love flying.
    Mine’s REALLY wordless today.

  6. If you have cable tv, Denise Austin does a two programs a day. She is good, and if you follow her through the week you will have completed a full body workout. Anyone of her DVD’s are good too.

    The only problem is you have to remain disciplined during the commercials and keep moving.

    God Bless

  7. Ok, I know this is not a workout video, but if there is anyway that you could make it to the gym with a friend it would be totally worth it. Notice I said with a friend. I am not a work-out nazi or anything but I have found that when I have a friend waiting on me I don’t want to let her down. We all need each other! I have done Leslie Sansone and I really like her too! Just a thought 🙂

  8. I really enjoy workout dvds with a fun twist, so I like the Island Girl Hula Dance workout dvds. It’s a little challenging but a lot of fun!

  9. Another vote for Leslie Sansone. Also, I use Yourself Fitness! on the PS2 (available on other game platforms). I love this program. She works with what kind of equipment you have and does weights, cardio and yoga. Really great!

  10. I love The Firm. It incorporates aerobics with light weight training. I also just ordered Turbo Jam, but I haven’t got it yet. It just looks so fun that I thought there is no way I won’t like it.

  11. If you can join a gym or the YMCA (they usually have discounts based on income), you might have LOTS of good ideas: machines, swimming (burns lots of calories, uses all muscle groups), different classes like pilates or step-aerobic. I’d also recommend starting walking or running since that is something you can do no matter where you are and doesn’t require anything except a decent pair of shoes.

  12. Denise Austin Shrink your Female Fat Zone requires hand weights and once of those big excercise balls – if you mute her, it’s a great work out

  13. OK, everyone hates him, but I really do recommend Richard Simmons. Truly.

    He makes me laugh while I’m working out (I mean that MUST be why he wears those leotards right?)

    and his workouts can be done on many levels….start just walking the steps and work your way up to running them, I’ve done the original sweating to the oldies forever, but I think sweatin II uses weights if I remember….that’s what I want for my B-Day.

    Also, I started using handweights every night before I go to bed. Just a quick 10 min weights and then stretch. You can do the strength and the cardio separately and this worked better for me. I can email you the exact exercises I did if you’d like.

  14. OK, so this is not a workout video, but it is definitely a workout! We went to a friends house to watch football on New Year’s Day and we played his Nintendo Wii during halftime. It was so much fun! And, it got my heartrate up, I was breathing hard, and I was sore for several days…just like I would be if I started a new workout. So, if you can ever find one, or if you get tired of traditional workouts, you might buy a Wii.

  15. Windsor Pilates is wonderful. I love it. It is low-impact, and easy to improve on. A truly DIFFICULT yet wonderful challenge is P90x. I certainly can’t do the work-outs right now, but they are so challenging and provide great results (my husband).

    That gives you exercise for both extremes.

  16. I love the biggest loser workouts. The Cardio Max is a great one. I second the idea as well to go to sparkpeople. It’s a wonderful website with a lot of resources.

  17. I have exercised with Leslie Sansone for years and just got her new walk slim dvds and love them. I also work out with Cathe’ – she is a bit more advanced and you need equipment.

  18. I have a few tapes that I really like. My favorite is “10 Minute Solution, Pilates” put out by Anchor Bay Entertainment Inc. ( which has 5 varied ten minute workouts that you can use together or separately. This one is great because I often only have ten minutes at a time to spare. (You know, we’re busy moms!!)
    For a long time I have owned, enjoyed (and sometimes used – at least when I was trying to lose weight anyway) the original Abs of Steel and Buns of Steel. They’re tough!! And a good workout.
    And last but not least, I have a DVD called “Family Yoga with Rodney Yee, Donna Fone & Kids” put out by Gaiam Inc. I like this one because it is a whole family doing yoga together and the kids really enjoy doing it with me.

    I also just started watching exercise segments on Discovery Health with fitness trainer Gilad since I’ve been inspired by the National Body Challenge to get in shape. That guy is INTENSE!

  19. Whoa! Thank you all so much for taking the time to give me all these great recommendations. I’m going to check out the websites and then see if my local library has any of these dvd’s to borrow till I make my final decision on one to invest in!
    I really do appreciate all your thoughts on this subject.
    ellen b

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