Our Little Girl is 22 today!

Happy 22nd Birthday Katie!

Photos from Katie’s 1st ~ 21st Birthdays
1st in Ventura with family & friends
2nd in Ventura, California
3rd in Downey, California. She’s pretty happy even with that tiny cake!


4th  in Bothell, Washington.

5th in Bothell


6th at Baba and Deda’s sharing the day with Aunt Nina and cousin Stephen both born on the 27th too.

7th in Bothell, Washington
7th with family, Titov’s and Spiro’s
8th at Discovery Zone
9th with fam and Spiro’s


10th at the Skating rink where your dad broke his wrist…

11th in Bothell (1st rental) with Jamie, Christie, and Johanna


12th bowling with fam and Hiller’s


13th with Jamie, Kristen, Heidi, and Christie (sorry Christie this was the only photo I had)


14th with Jamie, Heidi, Kristen, and Christie (very nice photo this time Christie!)

15th with Kristen, Heidi, Christie, and Katie K.

16th Ice Skating with fam, Katie K, Christie, Heidi, Jamie, Kristen, Brad and Joe
17th ~ fam, TCL crowd, school crowd
18th smaller TCL and School crowd


19th ~ the year of the ice cream cake…


20th ~ The year of the maple bar cake!


21st the Spice Bundt cake and another small crowd with Kristen, Christie, Jamie, Heidi, Ben and fam.

22nd will be another wonderful celebration with Bowling, Tacos and another Spice Cake!

We love you dear Katie and are so happy that God brought you into our lives 22 years ago. May your birthday and everyday be filled with an awareness of who created you and who you are in Him.

Photobucket has blacked out all my photos and is holding them hostage. I’m slowly cleaning up my posts to remove the ugly black and grey blocks that photobucket has inserted instead of my photos.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Our Little Girl is 22 today!

  1. Hahahaha! That picture of me is classic, a bit embarassing, but classic. It’s fun that you have a picture for each year too, such good memories!

    I’ll see you soon! Can’t wait for the bowling and tacos (I’ll have to have mine without the chips or hard shells though, don’t think that would feel too great on the throat!)


    Christie, I’ll make sure to have some soft stuff that you can eat, and some gluten free stuff for Kristen, and Katie K. is vegan now 🙂 We’ll just have all kinds of fun stuff around…

  2. Happy Birthday sis! What a creative, talented, loving, fun, and cherished woman you are! I thank God for creating you so beautifully and for blessing my life with your love and friendship. I’m so glad we’re family! I love you very much. Can’t wait to celebrate with you this weekend!

  3. What a WONDERFUL blog and amazing pictures from each year. She’s a lucky girl. I have boys 27 and 30 and I don’t know where the years went. You have them chronicled in a very special way. It’s made my day. Thanks.

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