Hunter’s Moon Tonight ~

Tonight’s Full Moon is the Hunter’s Moon!

I hope to get a photo later tonight to add to this post tomorrow! This photo is the Hunter’s Moon at 6:35 P.M. Pacific Time. I’m wondering if the orange glow to it is because of the smoke here in Southern California. I’m still hoping to get a better shot later…

Tonight’s full moon is the Hunter’s Moon. It’s also the closest and therefore biggest full moon of 2007.

Tonight’s moon will be about 50,000 kilometers – or 30,000 miles – closer to the Earth than 2007’s most distant and smallest full moon, last April.

This October full moon is the Hunter’s Moon for the northern hemisphere. That’s the name for the full moon following the Harvest Moon in September. This October full Hunter’s Moon comes at precisely 4:52 a.m. Universal Time Friday. For the continental U.S., that means the full moon comes this evening or around midnight Thursday night, when the moon will be shining sky high.

At the same time – on the opposite side of the world in East Asia and Indonesia – this same full moon will be reaching its peak at noontime Friday.

No matter where you live, all of you will see a large and full-looking moon all night tonight. You’ll see the moon rising in the east around sunset, highest in the sky around local midnight and setting in the west around sunrise.

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9 thoughts on “Hunter’s Moon Tonight ~

  1. Thank you for this. I was pointing out the moon to the boys tonight. I’ll be going back out later tonight to take in the full view. You’re always full of interesting and helpful information.

  2. 11:10pm, just looked outside and can’t see the full moon here in cloudy St Joseph, MI..but the clouds look bright, like a light is behind them.

  3. We call them a Harvest Moon around here. Last night it was so white and bright that street lights really would not have been needed. And there was also a few clouds hanging around that got back lit from it’s light. Beautiful!

    Love your pic!

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