Thursday Thirteen #6 ~ Odd Town Names

1. Eek, Alaska

2. Dunmovin, California

3. Beer Bottle Crossing, Idaho

4. Chugwater, Wyoming

5. Truth or Consequences, New Mexic0

6. Porcupine, North Dakota

7. Noodle, Texas

8. Nimrod, Minnesota

9. Okay, Oklahoma

10. Enough, Missouri

11. Cat Elbow Corner, New York

12. Bad Axe, Michigan

13. Mosquitoville, Vermont

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69 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #6 ~ Odd Town Names

  1. There’s a Bucksnort, Tennessee…I passed it on I-40 whenever I drove from where my school was in Jackson to Nashville. I’ve even stopped for gas there a couple of times. Other weird town names in TN are Finger and Frog Jump, they have some good ones there.

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  3. Love the list! Dunmovin made me laugh out loud. I can’t help but get a picture in my mind of people in wagon trains picking their towns’ names because they decided, despite the fact that they were intending on going further, where they had stopped was “Okay” or “Enough” or just that they were plain old “Dunmovin.”

    Thanks for stopping by. Happy TT!

  4. I want to visit Truth or Consequences. Wouldn’t want to live there though. Could you imagine putting that in your address?

    11234 S. Central St.
    Truth or Consequences, NM 29944


  5. Along with Hell and Climax, Michigan also has a Paradise. In fact, it’s the only place I know of where you can literally go from Hell to Paradise in one day…

    This is a great list. I love those crazy names. How about this one:


    If I remember how to spell it correctly. I think it’s in Missouri somewhere.


  6. I’m with Megan. I completely see a group of wagoneers coming to a place, likely their third or fourth as they follow the gold rush, and settling down, deciding they’re Dunmovin, and from here on out they’re home.

    Great list, I’ll have to look up others just to appease my curiosity.

    Happy TT 🙂


  7. Those are GREAT! Wonderful list. I’m sure it would be odd to live in a town that is a little interesting to say…

    “Hi, I’m from ****-On-A-Stick, Wisconsin!” LOL


    Happy TT! xoxo

  8. Great list i’ve heard of the one in New Mexico but not the other ones lol gotta love Nimrod and Dunmovin lol…Happy TT -

  9. Hi, Ellen! Wow, this looks like it was a fun list to do! I’m surprised Mars, PA is not on this list. You’re definitely gonna have to do another one….there’s a lot more wacky town names around the US.
    Thanks for stoppin’ by….have a great weekend!

  10. Those are great.

    I always liked the town name “Witless”. I’m sure when it was choosen (probably by puritans who had a taste for names like that) it was thought of in a different way than we do today.

    Great TT 🙂

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