Smoke Gets in Your Eyes ~ California Fires Continue

We happen to live by the coast where all the smoke clouds from the Saugus, Magic, Castaic, Santa Clarita, Wood Ranch, and Moorpark fires are being blown to because of the Santa Ana Wind conditions. The clouds in the photos above are smoke clouds not storm clouds. The smell of smoke is heavy in the air and the ash is all over everything. We do not have any fires in our immediate neighborhoods we are only getting the side effects of the poor air quality because of the smoke. It seems that there has been some improvement as of Wednesday. There are still many fires that are not under control and many homes are threatened. We hope that when the winds die down all the fires will be under control. We’re continuing to pray and to be sorrowful for all the hundreds of thousands of people who had to be evacuated and the thousands who have lost everything…

11 thoughts on “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes ~ California Fires Continue

  1. Oh my gosh Ellen, I can’t believe how widespread the fires are. I’m so glad to know you guys haven’t been affected (besides the smoke and ash). We are praying with you. Love you.

  2. The pictures of the smoke just look ominous. I’m with you , praying for those who’s homes are lost and their future uncertain. I was wondering how you were affected and I’m so glad you are not in immediate danger.

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